Is Xbox One winning the software war?

Microsoft's Xbox One seems to be attracting gamers interested in the massive franchises.

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True_Samurai1734d ago

Please sir explain how come we're not in the lead with software

xHeavYx1734d ago

Wait, what? COD dogs is #1 in pre-orders for Xbox One, and that means they are winning the software war?
If you check the weekly most pre-ordered games, it's Watch Dogs for the PS4 at #10, COD for the Xbox is #20, Battlefield is #22 for Xbox and #24 for PS4, #26 is COD for PS4, Forza is #29.
How exactly is MS winning the software war? Nonsense

jimbobwahey1734d ago

Probably something to do with Forza being the only decent looking exclusive.

GiggMan1734d ago

This also doesn't seem to include the fact that every PS4 bundle that is being sold has a game with it. The watchdog bundle is at no4. the Battlefield bundle is at no.6 and the Killzone bundle is at no.9

Forza motorsports is at 17 and COD ghost for x1 is at no.20.

So please correct me if I'm wrong but it seems to me that PS4 is leading in software.

AsimLeonheart1734d ago (Edited 1734d ago )

I dont know why people are acting like the currently revealed games are the first and last games that will be coming to the PS4 and Xbone. Like these handful of titles will decide which console will sell most by the end of the 8th generation. There will be numerous games coming in the later years and Sony has yet to reveal games from their AAA studios like Naughty Dog and Santa Monica. If we look at the historical trend, we can safely say that PS4 will have more and higher quality exclusives. Xbone supporters should not claim software victory based on just the first 5 revealed games. Even the launch line-up has not been finalized yet for either consoles.

MysticStrummer1734d ago (Edited 1734d ago )

"Please sir explain how come we're not in the lead with software"

lol @ "we're"

The two best games MS showed at E3, in my opinion, were a multi plat (MGS5) and a game that will most likely end up on PS4 eventually but is already a multi plat on PC and 360 (Titanfall).

Forza's a great game for racing fans, but that's not one of my favorite genres.

Bottom line is that who has the "better" games is a subjective topic.

dedicatedtogamers1734d ago

I'm going to call it right here: when it comes to cross-gen multiplats like CoD and Battlefield 4, they'll sell far better on PS3/360. They're not going to make a huge difference in convincing people to go X1/PS4.

However, brand-new IPs like Watch_Dogs, Destiny, and Titanfall (even though they are still technically cross-gen multiplats) have a much better chance of getting people to upgrade.

Tr10wn1734d ago

I could say the same about sony, i mean non of those ps4 exclusive interest me in fact im more interested in ps3 exclusive rather than ps4, example Beyond Souls, GT6 and in recent days even TLO, The Order looks meh to me and that includes KZ too and after seen gameplay of DriveClub that game is out of my interest so the only thing thats appealing to me is Infamous, but all this is an opinion like yours.

lodossrage1734d ago

"Please sir explain how come we're not in the lead with software "

Comments like this just show how everyone is literally TOO vested in "console wars" and need to get a bit of air.

When you consider yourself as part of a collective whole to your entertainment products, you KNOW something is wrong.

True_Samurai1734d ago (Edited 1734d ago )

@MysticStrummer yes "we're" :-3 I've seen you plenty of times using we're with Sony. And thanks everyone for making a response in such a kind matter ^_^ now I am waiting for my PS console to unbrick so I can finish TLOU
@lodossrage but it's fun to get people riled up when I say something like that. They do that to us on our articles lol

Sitdown1734d ago

I disagree, they should sell better on the ps4 because of the lower entry fee to play them. If I simply want to play next gen madden, do I pay $560 or $460? I think Microsoft is forgetting how much the price point helped them with the 360.

tigertron1734d ago

"We're"? do you work for Microsoft or something?

GDDR6_20141734d ago

Most games I'm looking forward to are all multi plat mgs5,division,watch dogs,bf4,ff15,kh3. But exclusives wise I do like what I've seen on xb one better, lots of people thought ms won e3 til the last 20 minutes of ps4 reveal

AngelicIceDiamond1734d ago

@Heavy so sales matter now right? I thought it was about "Variety, uiquness and new Ips?

BallsEye1734d ago


Sales?? So wait, when ps3 had more unique exclusives but 360 outsold all its games sales didnt matter. But now when xbox one has more new ips and exclusives sales are most important! The F you fanboys are hilarious!!

xHeavYx1734d ago

I really don't know what to say to you 2, typical fanboys who talk trash with no argument.
Let me make it clear for you, This article says that, because MS has a game ranked on the #20 spot, means they are winning the software war. I said "Hey, Watchdogs is #10, that's better than #20, isn't this article wrong?"
Let me put it in terms you can understand.
Herp derp, derp kinect derp.

By the way, Mr BallsEye, how sad is that you mention that MS has more timed exclusives, how long is that going to last? Sony has always come up with new IPs, what do you have, Halo, Gears, Forza and Kinect

AngelicIceDiamond1734d ago

@Heavy First off don't ever call me a fanboys kid You got that? I'm not you, I'm not the one posting up stupid picture of Kratos holding Master Chief's head like you do and thinking your cool because all your little Sony friends bubbling you up and agreeing.

I know what the article says. But because MS games aren't hitting top ranks doesn't change the fact that they're varied. You know, the same argument Sony fans always come up with. Where are Sony's exclusives like Killzone, and Driver club smart guy?

OMG big well known AAA multiplats are once again topping the charts.


Trying to call somebody a fanboy... Don't rub your a raging psycho Sony fanboy nut on me. Your delusional kid drink water.

xHeavYx1734d ago

Ohhh, you called me kid, you must be a badass who probably just turned 15. First of all, your first response (which was a fanboy response) had nothing to do with what I was talking about. You don't even understand derp language it seems. This article says that MS is winning the software war because COD is ranked #20 on one website, I said that Watch Dogs is ranked #10, both games are multiplats by the way, I don't know why you had to say anything about exclusives (By the way, another Xbox fanboy argument is that Sony may have more IPs, but Xbox ones sell better, but wiat, you are not a fanboy), maybe you think being ranked at #20 is better than being at #10? Or maybe you need to read comments more carefully before defending your precious Xbox

SilentNegotiator1734d ago (Edited 1734d ago )

Some Xbox games creeped into the top 20, 5 minutes ago!

MUST...WRITE...ARTICLE!!! "Xbox winning software war?!?!"

NumOnePS3FanBoy1733d ago

Answer to the headline: hahaha not even close. Playstation Gamers know the reason why. For existing xbox gamers asking us why? Guess you've been gaming on the wrong box this gen bros.

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Animavicion1734d ago (Edited 1734d ago )

if I question at me, yes, but for the wrong reasons. not bad reasons, if not a bit bad for my preference. this because microsoft only let you see games with thousands of followers behind the franchise. halo, (that would be your metal zelda or god of war) Crimson Dragon (which would be the sequel to panzer dragoon: the best game of sega saturn). and killer instinct (which would be the equivalent of Nintendo announced "earthbound 2" or sony announced "Crash Bandicoot").

sony took risks supporting indies and new and varied projects (like Knack, The Witness, The Order: 1886, Outlast, Hohokum, Transistor, etc.)
Nintendo also competes hard with their games ... Well, at the end of 2013 (super mario 3d world, mario kart 8 TLOZ WW HD, bayonetta 2 SSB, donkey kong tropycal freeze, pikmin, TLOZ: BW, pokemon x & y, sonic lost world, wonderfull 101, yoshi and X. )

I'm not saying it was wrong what they did, "microsoft", but if I'm a little disappointed, after how great it was the xbox 360 arcade.

PS: sorry if my English is not so good :3

Animavicion1734d ago (Edited 1734d ago )

nickname: "HALOisKING"

good, glad to see your equity.

PS: you could argue if you disagree about something?. thank you very much.

HALOisKING1734d ago

y do i get disagree just cuz i have halo as my name i love halo is that a bad thing? btw my bro has a ps3 so i know a lot about ps games

GenericNameHere1734d ago

My uncle works at Microsoft, so I know a lot about the things behind the scene!

Who cares if you know a lot about PS games because your bro has one? There's no proof the Xbone is winning the software war. What, just because Call of Duty is the Xbone's most pre-ordered game? Amazon US has a Watch Dogs+PS4 bundle for $460, at #4. I don't see COD or a Xbone+COD bundle anywhere in the top 10. Amazon UK has Watch Dogs for PS4 at #11, while Xbone has BF4 at #20. So, you're telling me because Xbone has COD (which even the PS4 has), they win the software war despite not being on the top 20 best seller's list?

PS these numbers aren't fact. Just pre-order numbers. Sales on release will change, and most likely won't match pre-order numbers.

MizTv1734d ago

When m$ gets some studios maybe
But third party timed exclusives don't count

MizTv1734d ago

Ok because epic owns gears
Gears1 is on pc

dedicatedtogamers1734d ago (Edited 1734d ago )

I hope I'm not the only one who noticed that - when it came to exclusives - Microsoft mostly showed off GCI trailers and gave vague "TBA 2014" release dates.

Let's not move the goalpost yet again, kids. Sony software is also ranking higher in the preorder charts compared to Xbox One games.

And there's still the looming question of whether this is "it" for Microsoft's support. Most of their games are TBA 2014. Not a lot of support for the first several months. And will Microsoft be able to churn out several high-quality games a year 3 years from now, especially when their ultimate focus is the TvTvSports crowd (not the gamers)?

Edit @ Loki

Sony showed live gameplay of pretty much all their announced games (and we still have Gamescom). Several of Microsoft's biggest games like Halo, Sunset Overdrive, and Quantum Break were either CGI or at best, they weren't in-game demonstrations.

That's fine if you are interested in several X1 games. But let's not pretend that Microsoft was transparent at E3. Most of those were trailers, not live gameplay demonstrations, and the fact that a lot of those games were running on PCs with Nvidia graphics cards should be a big red flag.

Loki861734d ago (Edited 1734d ago )

They showed five stage demos and alot of gameplay trailers, what did Sony show on stage? I really hope Sony has their guns loaded for Gamescom because I am still leaning towards the PS4, but their is alot of X1 games that I am interested in currently.

Ausbo1734d ago

You are absolutely wrong. Quantum break was not CG. It was all in game. They also showed gameplay of titanfall and Ryse, spark, and some arcade/indie games

Ausbo1734d ago

And games like dead rising and ryse they have confirmed were running on xbox ones

C-Thunder1734d ago

I agree, they are winning no software war. I will say, they have bought some good looking exclusives, but we all know most will be timed and the stuff coming from their in house teams just doesn't look compelling.

greenlantern28141734d ago

no. and as the years go on sonys exclusives will just keep coming we have seen this in the last to console generations

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1734d ago
No_Limit1734d ago

Yes, SO FAR. Things can change in 2014.

Timesplitter141734d ago (Edited 1734d ago )

Honestly all the games I'm really interested in so far are all multiplat

MGS, Destiny, Witcher, The Division

But I'm also a huge indie games fan and an aspiring dev so I'm going for PS4. The way I see things, so many franchises are going multiplat now that PS4 and XOne are basically the same console except for these things :

PS4 : Indie support, developper-friendly architecture, more likely to get japanese games
XOne : Kinect

Mikelarry1734d ago

exactly what i was gonna say.