Next-gen? Meh - here are THIRTY current-gen contenders which don't need a next-gen wallet

Save/Continue writes:

"With the focus primarily being on the big powerful next generation consoles at this year’s E3, you’d be forgiven for thinking that your humble Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 have reached the end of the line so to speak; making the next-generation transition all but unavoidable.

There’s still a lot of life left in Sony and Microsoft’s current generation offerings and here we've outlined thirty cracking games that you’ll be able to play on the hardware that sits under your TV right now without the need to shell out for anything remotely next-gen sounding."

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MegaMohsi1732d ago

lol most of those games are releasing on PC also and I've been playing "next gen" on my PC for a couple of years now.

Bitsnark1732d ago

You're right - alot of them are, but the article was directed at folks who game on current gen consoles and who wouldn't be terribly familiar with PC gaming.

360ICE1732d ago

Yeah, PC gamers are really cool that way.

3-4-51732d ago

uhh I wouldn't buy any of those Next Gen titles for this gen. What is the point ?

If you can afford a next gen console, then you should get those versions of the games on that list.

Sidology1732d ago

I'm still finishing PS2-era games.

I can't even fathom PS4/XB1 games right now.

Bitsnark1732d ago

I'm in the same situation as most folks; there is simply no way in going to nuke my current gen backlog (never mind the new stuff) in time for the next gen consoles.

mydyingparadiselost1732d ago

Glad I'll have something to play in my 2+ year wait for a PS4.

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