Hauppauge HD PVR 2 will work with Xbox One & PS4 writes, "As we move into the next-generation of consoles later this year with the Xbox One and Playstation 4, wallets will be hurting quite a bit. Capturing footage of games via devices such as the Hauppauge HD PVR 2 have become quite popular this generation, but will they work on the new consoles?"

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Nitrowolf21978d ago

I assume this means Elgato HD will work also. I find this capture device so much easier to use than the HD PVR and about the same price/quality.

Donnieboi1977d ago

I'll just use the built in recording that is already in the new consoles. Hopefully they let us extract the raw native file so we can edit it in Sony Vegas or whatever video editing software we want.

Commodore_1977d ago

This is what I'm hoping for.

sourav931977d ago

If not, you can always upload to youtube first, then download it, and edit.

Mystogan1977d ago

Why...why would I need this?

Both X1 and PS4 have built-in DVR... And I can even broadcast to Twitch or Ustream respectively.

Nitrowolf21977d ago (Edited 1977d ago )

Cause you can't record everything with it. They stated that there would be limits to what could be recorded. Don't be surprise if Capcom takes advantage of that like they did with MVC for the PS Vita.

well I saw the PS4 upload of Killzone Shadow Fall VIA their Facebook when they uploaded it. The Quality could be better with the Elgato, plus this goes without saying that we get raw footage and can edit it .

It's not about just the "DVR" function, it's the fact that we can edit our clips in Vegas, add title screens, effect, color correct, ect ect

FullmetalAlchemist1978d ago

I don't think they will be. The PS3 can only record through component cables and not HDMI because it protected by HDCP due to having a blu-ray player, the reason the the Xbox 360 was able to record through HDMI was it uses DVD and not blu-ray and isn't HDCP enabled. Where as these new consoles (PS4/XONE) only have HDMI out and both have Blu-ray drives they are more than likely also going to be HDCP enabled not allowing to be recorded through HDMI.

But there might be a way to work around the HDCP and record through hdmi, I know some people have posted youtube videos on how to do it for ps3.

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talisker1977d ago

There are solutions but HDCP descramblers and HDMI converters aren't particularly cheap.

fanta_claus1977d ago

The PS4 still has the AV Multi-Out IIRC, which would support component and composite like the PS3 does now.

DA_PRGamer1976d ago

PS4 HDMI ONLY, look at the pics

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KillrateOmega1978d ago

Nice, though I'd still go with Elgato.

PositiveEmotions1977d ago

I hope the roxio HD pro works as well. But doesnt ps4/xb1 already have a dvr in their consoles? If so than theres no need for a HDPVR2 nor any gaming video capturing devices.

M-M1977d ago

If you like to edit gameplay videos like I do, then you have to have a capture card(unless both consoles allow you to export media to a flash drive). Also, they did say that there are some things that can't be recorded on via the share button, not sure about the Xbox One though.

PositiveEmotions1977d ago

Well yea ik certain things wont be recorded on the share button on the ds4 controller but if i have to buy a game capturin device i would get roxio hd pro since it has for hdmi

1977d ago
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