Every character design in MGSV starts with Shinkawa

Since Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain uses 3D scans of real people, some fans were worried this would take away from the creative character designs the series is known for. On their official podcast, Kojima Productions addressed these concerns.

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Nyxus1999d ago

This is good, Shinkawa's work is awesome.

1998d ago
Anthotis1999d ago

Thank you Shinkawa for designing those wonderful boobs.

1999d ago
Chuk51999d ago

Why does she wear a bikini? How is that practical?
I know this is mgs, but like come on.

Anthotis1999d ago

Good point. She should take it off.

Salooh1999d ago

The only reason that makes it reasonable is the weather lol. But i think kojima made it like this to give her some kind of unique character. Put it this way , it is a reason to recognise it as a game and not real life. Any game must have some kind of unrealistic thing to make the game fun , if everything is realistic then it's not a game , it's a simulator ..

Nyxus1999d ago

Same reason Liquid walks around bare chested in Alaska.

Wni01999d ago

I'd like an ugly femal lead for once. Or at least one that wasn't completely sexualized.

TheBossMan1999d ago

Go watch Sex and the City.

Chuk51999d ago


She doesn't have to be intentionally repulsive, but yeah I agree she's like ridiculously over-sexualized. Wearing nothing a sniping in a the harshest conditions of Africa (i think?), just stupid and juvenile. Otherwise MGS V looks spectacular.

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