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The Last of Us is truly what a game can aspire to. It’s a full interactive experience package.

The Last of Us is a game with heart and soul.

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ltachiUchiha1973d ago

Great review. %95 meta score with 81 reviews. I find it odd that Bioshock Infinite only has 24 reviews for the ps3 version & is at %94.

sway_z1973d ago

Is Last of Us one of the highest rated games ever?

...That was a rhetorical question :)

latincooker2141973d ago

wow a other perfect score how many is that now??? and btw AbhishekGIS you are sooooooooo right. my vote for GOTY. and heres a bubble:)

Walker1973d ago

37 perfect score in metacritic and over 130 perfect score overall !

stage881973d ago

Another 10. Game of the generation.