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Troy Baker also doing the facial performance for Ocelot in MGSV

Troy Baker is not only the voice actor, but also facial performance actor for Ocelot in Metal Gear Solid V. This was confirmed on the Kojima Productions Alert 4, the official podcast of the studio. (Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, PS3, Troy Baker, Xbox 360)

KillrateOmega  +   706d ago
LOL so this is what Delsin will look like when he's older...

But seriously, it seems like this dude is everywhere now. Not that that's necessarily a bad thing, but still.
Nyxus  +   705d ago
Yeah, as long as he does a good job I don't really mind. Besides, Kaz (Robin Atkin-Downes) is in even more games I believe. I hear his voice often when playing games, at least.
GdaTyler  +   705d ago
It kinda is a bad thing, even if he does well. If he is in so many games, the characters he plays would just sound generic and uninteresting since it's the SAME actor everywhere. Yes he can act in some games, but now they're overdoing it.

Also, it's just my opinion. Please don't flame or hate on me please. :(

EDIT: @Inception -I didn't even say that. :/ I was referring to future performances if this trend goes on. :)
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uncharted56  +   705d ago
He is the joker in the new arkham game and from the trailer he seemed to be doing a good job.
Inception  +   705d ago
Tell me if Two Face in Arkham City, Joker in Arkham Origins, Joel in TloU, Kanji in Persona 4, or Vincent in Catherine are sound 'generic and uninteresting'.

Even i don't know Troy also doing Ocelot voices in MGS V before Konami officially announced him as Ocelot.


Are the Joker in Arkham Origins, Ocelot in MGS V, and Delsin in inFamous 2nd Son not counted as 'future performance'?
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delicia  +   704d ago
@Inception he was also Booker Dewitt in Bioshock, guy's amazing.
HammadTheBeast  +   704d ago
He's great at changing his voice to fit the emotion of different personalities, which makes him a good voice actor, which is why he's used in so many games.
r21  +   705d ago
Kinda explains why he kinda looks like Delsin. Both Sucker Punch and Kojima's studio is doing motion capture on the same guy. Dude must be working hard as a VA!
Kanzes  +   705d ago
This guy is definitely gonna win the Best Actor on Video Game Awards this year
P_Bomb  +   705d ago
He's in the 2 highest rated games of the year, so he must be doing something right. Booker & Liz, Joel & Ellie, credit to his pixel dance partners too.
showtimefolks  +   704d ago
this is the new nolan north lol

his performance in last of us is excellent and in infamous 2nd son its looks like he is doing great work again

MGS5 and witcher 3 were the only games which sort of showed next gen, graphics,textures,and details to everything was just jaw dropping

and good thing is both games are no where near finished so by the time final release comes both will look even better

also infamous 2nd son to this list so that makes 3

infamous 2nd son i just watched the demo looks stunning
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ANIALATOR136  +   704d ago
don't forget he was in God Of War: Ascension too
GodlyPanda117  +   705d ago
One of my favorite VA of all time!

Voiced an awesome Yuri Lowell in Tales of Vesperia and Snow in FFXIII.
GenericNameHere  +   704d ago
Dude looks really close to Snow too. He's almost as tall, and if he were just around a decade younger, and had the same hair he has now but grown out, he'd be the perfect Snow...

Did TB also mocap for Snow? I'm guessing not...
OhReginald  +   705d ago
I like him a lot in his roles in last of us and bioshock infinite.

I can't to see hear his performance in batman arkham origins
LightSamus  +   705d ago
Play LEGO Batman 2, he did the voice in that too.
CrossingEden  +   704d ago
he actually was robin in batman arkham city
reef1017  +   705d ago
Troy baker and Nolan north really get around.
LightSamus  +   705d ago
So, Troy's voicing the dog in CoD Ghosts, right?
HammadTheBeast  +   704d ago
And he's doing mo-cap for the fish AI.
elda  +   704d ago
Transporter47  +   705d ago
He is a good voice actor, his voice changes quite a bit when he does other voices just like Nolan North.
P_Bomb  +   705d ago
Yup. As Ocelot would say, "you're pretty good!"
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Sevir  +   704d ago
Troy Baker is taking over as the new Nolan North.
Nolan really rose to fame with his performance as Nathan Drake and he's been in everything as well.

Troy's performance in The Last of Us is Incredible. He does and awesome Job in BioShock, he sounds great as the Joker in Arkhamn Origins and really great in Arkham City as Two Face... Then ofcourse he has reprised his role as Snow in FF13 and LR:FF13
CrossingEden  +   704d ago
nolan north was in the last of us dude and i'm pretty sure he;ll be in BAO too
dc1  +   704d ago
Did you know that Nolan North voiced David in The Last of Us?

Both actors are absolutely amazing.
Sideras  +   704d ago
Hah Troy is like the new Steve Blum.
segamon  +   704d ago
Rade Serbedzija, I believe is Revolver Ocelot's real life lookalike. Google him up, see for yourself.

if there will be a MGS movie I hope they give the role to him.
Harpers_Ferry  +   704d ago
I can't wait for the new North/Baker buddy cop flick.

Starring Nolan North as Officer Baker, Troy Baker as Corporal North, and Eddie Murphy as Police Chief Jennifer Hale.
TechOne  +   704d ago
Troy Baker, Troy Baker everywhere.
-Gespenst-  +   704d ago
Urrrrrrgh. He's a good voice actor but game companies and developers need to take more risks - scout new talent. Shit's just becoming homogenous.
CrossingEden  +   704d ago
um, no, its better to use experienced actors for big projects because they know what they're doing

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