Injustice gets Man of Steel movie DLC

Warner Bros has just announced that Injustice will receive a Man of Steel Superman skin from the newly released Warner Bros. Pictures and Legendary Pictures’ feature film “Man of Steel.”

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Genki1639d ago

Nice. I thought the movie was awful, but the suit really does look remarkable. Love the style of the 'S' emblem as well.

pixelsword1639d ago

"I thought."

As opposed to

"it's a well-known scientific fact that..."


KillrateOmega1639d ago


You think you are safe? I WILL FIND YOU!

HiddenMission1639d ago

Well we think your awful...Genki

Inception1639d ago

I think Genki watched Superman Returns, not Man of Steel.

Donnieboi1639d ago

Superman Returns was pretty decent too.

Inception1639d ago (Edited 1639d ago )

Superman Returns decent? I'll give that applause to Kevin Spacey. His amazing as Lex Luthor and because of him Superman Returns is watchable. But if you compare it to Man of Steel, Superman Returns looks bad.

Genki1639d ago

Nice to know that most of the community can't deal with an opinion. In the years I've been frequenting this site, it's crystal clear that not much has changed.

Funny thing is that I said more positive than negative, but leave it to the N4G lynch mob to zero in on whatever they disagree with and curbstomp it into the ground. Grow up folks, it's just a movie.

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KillrateOmega1639d ago (Edited 1639d ago )

"I was bred for this! I was trained all my life to be a warrior! Where did you train? A farm?"

God, I loved Man of Steel :)

Norad61639d ago

I read that line in Vegeta's voice. :/

xXBlondieVanHarlowXx1639d ago

Speaking of voice, will this skin come with a voice swap of Henry Cavil's voice like they did with Stephen Amell's Arrow voice? o_o

xXBlondieVanHarlowXx1639d ago

Nice!!! OMG loved MoS :D

General Zod character is coming aswell. Any chance we'll get a Michael Shannon skin or at the very least a Terrance Stamp skin? :P

Plz WB?

optimus1639d ago (Edited 1639d ago )

Man of steel was one of the worst movies of the year and one of the worst comic movies of all time...i think i enjoyed superman returns a little more than this super snoozefest.... It tried to be 2 movies in one and you could see the struggle not just with clark not knowing who he is or should be but with the direction the movie's like they tried to piece together superman 1 and 2 and got lost in the process...

I can accept deviating from comic folklore a little bit but they changed some of the most prominent things about superman... There simply was no sense of heroism throughout the movie despite his ill faded heroic acts. The score was forgettable the moment it faded in every scene...there just wasn't any buildup like in the original...and zod? Puh-lease! way to tarnish one of the greatest on screen villains of all time....Not to mention the entire cast was one of the worst castings i've seen for any movie... I simply could not be convinced that lois lane was indeed lois lane. I kept waiting for perry white to give her a blue pill. Really?? Lawrence???
Of course, all of the shortcomings might have had a chance if they had a better written script than the garbage they were spewing. "i will find you!" oh he's mad now...i think.

It's no wonder Christopher Nolan approved this garbage, after the tripe he did with batman this was right up his ally.

To quote the real and still the best General Zod of all time... "this super-MAN is nothing of the kind."

And neither is his suit.

wanieldiik1639d ago (Edited 1639d ago )

you should watch catwoman, superman 4, iron man 3. batman & robin, or spiderman 3 if you believe this to be one of the worst comic book movies of all time

optimus1639d ago

I did, this ranks right up there with those... I will say this about the ones you mentioned... At least they have moments of utter ridiculousness that you can laugh at...i couldn't find any in the man of steel and if there were, it was obviously forgettable.

wanieldiik1638d ago

oh well... to each his own :)

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