Titanfall Does Not Have a Single-Player Mode

Gameranx: "The upcoming game from Respawn is strictly a multiplayer experience."

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allformats2000d ago (Edited 2000d ago )

They're mixing story into multiplayer. Really revolutionary stuff. I'm big on story when it comes to games, that's why I've always cherished single-layer campaigns. But if you can give me story in multiplayer, like what Titanfall is doing, then I'm in.

Titanfall and Destiny were the most innovative console games at E3.

Blaze9292000d ago (Edited 2000d ago )

"The reason for this is that its developers want to keep the focus on multiplayer battles as a deliberate response to player habits"

I somehow, don't believe that. I think the real reason was Microsoft's original plan to MAKE the Xbox One always online. Now that that's been canned, they can't just make a single player component out of no where.

Just my thoughts - I could be wrong. Either way, now I wonder about the price and direction of this game. Multiplayer online? And EA is publishing this? Hmm

Belking2000d ago

But its not their IP so Respawn makes the decision on the game.

colt-of-tipton2000d ago

Vince Zempella said the reason its multiplayer only is because people usually rush through the campaign or don't play it at all and it could of taken years to develop the campaign. So instead they have placed set pieces and woven campaign elements into multiplayer so everyone can experience the story and world of TitanFall whilst playing multiplayer.

shoddy1999d ago

The thing with online multi player is you gonna have asshole playing with you. That would ruin the gameplay

Fez1999d ago

There really nothing to back that up... since MP only games have been on PS3 and Titanfall could possibly appear on PS4.

A more likely explanation could simply be gamings trend towards MP. The game was probably in it's inception stage long before MS even hinted at an always online console.

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-Superman-2000d ago

"They're mixing story into multiplayer. Really revolutionary stuff."

One word:

Testfire2000d ago

Eve/Dust 514 also say hi. "revolutionary" lol.

xXBlondieVanHarlowXx2000d ago

aaaaaaaaah Brink. I loved that game. Will never understand all the flak it got. Not sure how i feel about Titanfall. I might give it a shot if it ever jumps ship to the Ps4 side.

Somebody2000d ago

Sounds like what online co-op in a lot of current games have been doing for years.

3-4-52000d ago

Brink is $5 at Gamestop now.

They over-hyped that game way too much. prob why it got all the hate.

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2cents2000d ago

And... This new 'evolving' gameplay and world can be achieved by regular updates via the 'cloud' which is what MS have been trying to convey.

Interesting times ahead.

Neixus2000d ago

"They're mixing story into multiplayer. Really revolutionary stuff."

The last of us have also done it, except it also have a really great singeplayer aswell

AngelicIceDiamond2000d ago

Titanfalls lack of story or bridging story into gameplay is interesting from a MP perspective. But means nothing from an actual story telling point of view. Who are these people? what time period are they in? who's the enemy? Who's the main bad guy?

The studio has a small 60 team and believe gamers don't finish campaign modes. Well I don't finish Cod stories there's a difference. I would jump into Titanfalls story of course just to know what I'm up against, and see what its about.

webeblazing2000d ago

What LMAO. Its just a memo how hard is it to get the same genre console gamers been bashing last Gen until dust came out dis site amaze me some time y'all be reaching. Only thing e3 showed is the new console have better gfx which y'all said y'all don't care about. That's maybe y y'all grasping 4 straws saying everything is new. O well game do look fun imma get it when it drops

fermcr2000d ago

"Titanfall Does Not Have a Single-Player Mode"

Doesn't need it. I'll buy it because of the multiplayer.

I have Battlefield 3 and Black Ops 2 and never ever player the single player of any of those games. The single player of these type of games are like big expensive movies with lots of explosions and special effects... week after you played the single player, you don't remember anything from it, just it was loud with explosions.

ginsunuva2000d ago

Game devs have been saying "mixing story into multiplayer" for years, and it ends up being a 9 second cutscene before the match starts showing characters with usernames above their heads walking onto the map.

lgn152000d ago

Wanna know why you got so many disliked for stating your opinion? 'Cuz it's NG4, and Titanfall is an Xbox One exclusive XD.

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rajman2000d ago

If it has no single player then it should not cost full price @ $60, and more like $40

allformats2000d ago

I disagree with that sentiment, rajman. They're mixing single-player action into the mp. Story mode and all.

jerethdagryphon2000d ago

titan fall is multiplayer only.... that statment makes me have 0 intrests in it now regardless if its got single player story in mp action i dont do mp shooters

Zhipp2000d ago

Wat? What's the point of playing a shooter if you don't play multiplayer?

BabyTownFrolics2000d ago

MAG was a full priced game when it released,and that was MP only and in my opinion worth the price at the time.

Let's just wait and see, if there are tons of modes and features then perhaps the usual price point will make sense. If its just TDM,CTF,etc then perhaps not.

we dont know.

I am looking forward to seeing more.

kingrev2000d ago

Yeah indeed MAG was just multiplayer and costed full price, but you can see what the game was trying to offer when it came to MP, now if Titanfall doesn't offer more than what call of duty MP offers and charges full price then I simply don't agree with it, but if it is the opposite then happy days nothing against it.

BabyTownFrolics2000d ago

isn't that exactly what i said?

DOMination-2000d ago

Do you also think Final Fantasy, Elder Scrolls and Fallout should be cheaper because by your same logic, they are also missing 50% of content? (no multiplayer)

Although I understand your point, games simply don't work like that.

Confickercrash2000d ago

The logic is that, the multiplayer game should be cheaper because of the paid online subscriptions on consoles, that which you don't need in single player.

MidnytRain1999d ago

From a business perspective, the opposite is true. In these types of games, most players spend much more time in the multiplayer than the single player anyway. Why would the charge less for the "most attractive" offering?

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MegaMohsi2000d ago

please give me an example of how they are mixing story into the multi-player?

TukkerIntensity2000d ago

probably similar to how Killzone 3 already did it in it's MP. Cut scense using your team that happen before and after certain sequences of events.

MegaMohsi2000d ago

interesting, the game looks pretty cool but I always like singleplayer story as well.

ginsunuva2000d ago

Which isn't even really story. But devs have just been saying this stuff forever.

allformats2000d ago

MegaMohsi, here, watch this and listen to the developer commentary:

Fishy Fingers2000d ago

Wow, disappointed, when they already said its multiplayer only I was excited to try the single player.

MikeyDucati12000d ago (Edited 2000d ago )

Several games with this concept. Some more detailed oriented and intricate far as gameplay inclusion and story elements. Then you have some others that can be considered a little bare bones compared to the more heavy detailed ones. You got Destiny, Defiance, TitanFall, Dust 514, that cyborg ninja game that I can't remember the title, and Planetside 2. Out of all of em, I think Destiny, Dust, and Planetside will be the well made ones. Titanfall, it will be interesting to see how many people try that out due to their work on the MW games. Everybody wants to know what those two got in store.