Preview: The Wind Waker HD is a slick HD update -

Go back and play Twilight Princess. Then Play Wind Waker. Which GameCube-era Zelda title has stood the test of time better? Most gamers would probably say Wind Waker, especially in terms of visuals. They’re timeless.

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pat_11_52000d ago

I was impressed with the graphics. The Hd update makes a huge difference (not that the original Wind Waker looked bad).

maoleis2000d ago

One of my favourite console titles of all time. Great news to hear that this is getting some next-gen TLC.

ZeekQuattro2000d ago

I've always been a fan of WW. Seeing the various expressions on Links face was half the fun and I loved the ship segments despite many disliking them. This game is a must have for any Zelda fan. I'll be picking up the LTTP 2 game as well for the 3DS.

AznGaara2000d ago

It's also a very bright update... The bloom lighting... It hurts me eyes.

DarkBlood2000d ago

pretty sure that wont be the case upon playing it in person. either way theres always the adjusting brightness option

AsheXII2000d ago

its called global illumination, not bloom. Bloom is called to a poor lighting simulation where even the textures emanate light, global illumination is light where it should be.

The light in WW HD makes the colors feel more vivid and alive, makes the sunse feel more authentic, and the daytime emanate the right temperature.

3-4-51999d ago

Have you ever been outside on a bright and sunny day where you have to squint to see because the sun is so bright ?

It happens in real life...this is the game version of that.

AznGaara1999d ago

Thats great but did this game honestly need that? It was perfect the way it was.

PigPen2000d ago

I agree, it does look good.

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