Details on the CQC system in Metal Gear Solid V

The CQC system of Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain will be a lot more dynamic and fluid than in previous games. This was announced on the Kojima Productions Alert 4, the official podcast of the studio. One fan asked what's new in the CQC system of The Phantom Pain, and how it differs from Metal Gear Solid 4, in which you could also grab guns from enemies.

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DEEBO1828d ago

the king of stealth,the father of stealth.without MG there would not be great games like,splintercell,tenchu,thief ,assassin's creed,and a new one to enter the ranks of stealth games.the last of us.old snake gone but not forgotten.

Baka-akaB1827d ago

Lol at disagrees ... provide an alternative list then . MGS is the father of the genre as we know it period . Only games with elements of stealth before werent at all the same (like wolfenstein)

WorldGamer1827d ago

Awesome news. Open up my options for stealthy mayhem and use the touchpad to boot.

MilkMan1827d ago

Nice. Cant wait to play.

ANIALATOR1361827d ago

how long before we can pull off moves like in the MGS3 menu screen though?

Donnieboi1827d ago

Peace Walker had similar looking cqc to the mgs 3 cinema sequence your speaking of. If u walk up to 2 or more unsuspecting dudes, u can flip on their butts so fast they wont even know what hit em. I usually use smoke grenades so they end up confused, then i go for the cqc on the whole group.