Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD 'approaching the final stage of development'

Series producer explains the hold up

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SynGamer1972d ago

Cannot wait for the PS Vita version, I just wish both games were sold together, instead of separate.

Dinoegg_961972d ago

$25-$30 each game would be a right price, or maybe a bundle with both games, I hope we get a price soon.

Transporter471972d ago

no more like 19.99 each together 39.99 that's a fair price for an old game.

Dinoegg_961972d ago

@Transporter47 Maybe PS3 Version Price (minus) $15, considering that both (FFX/X-2) are retail.

SynGamer1972d ago

I see three possible scenarios:

1) FFX - $39.99, FFX-2 - $29.99
2) FFX - $39.99, FFX-2 - $29.99
3) FFX/FFX-2 - $49.99 <-- one can wish, right?

Really, if Square is going to make me choose one over the other (because of their potentially stupid pricing), I'll clearly be getting FFX.

MasterChief36241972d ago (Edited 1972d ago )

"Both games will be packaged on a single disc for PS3, while the Vita versions will be available individually."

The Vita ones will be sold separately, but the PS3 one will be together. :D

As for a price... I would guess $34.99. That price just sounds... nice :)

chikane1972d ago

its about damn time. now for the release Day please. cant wait for ffx-2 .. and ffx which i don't hate -_- just i like x-2 more >

Furesis1972d ago

great i cant wait for ffx.. and ffx-2 which i don't hate i just like X more ;)

Wni01972d ago

How hard can it be to make hd textures? These overrated games don't deserve remakes

GdaTyler1972d ago (Edited 1972d ago )

It's not that easy. Also the Vita version would require more work in order to acquire a stable framerate. If the Vita is going to get a port, it should be done well, not half-assed.

Overrated games?! The past Final Fantasy games were classics. The ones now are ok but compared to the ones back then there's no competition.

SynGamer1972d ago

@Wni0 - Final Fantasy 10 was THE game to get on a PS3 when it released. There's a reason it sold over 8 million copies worldwide. Those in-game cut scenes were amazing (at the time). Also, realistically speaking, it's far easier to upscale a PS2 game than a PS1 game, as I'm sure plenty of people would like to see an HD version/remake of FF7, 8, and/or 9 (9 is my personal favorite).

BlaqMagiq241972d ago

If it's that easy why don't you go and do it for them? You must be a genius at this.

Oh and overrated? Don't make me laugh. FFX is STILL better than most games in THIS generation.

Dinoegg_961972d ago

Buy these games and maybe we could get XII Remaster ;)

SynGamer1972d ago

My wife and I LOVED Final Fantasy 12, I would gladly pay for that on my Vita/PS3 over FFX...

KingKelloggTheWH1972d ago

Kinda odd that the color is so dull now...Still want it

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The story is too old to be commented.