Toukiden – PS Vita vs PSP comparison screenshots

Toukiden is an action game from developer Omega Force and the interesting thing about it is that it will launch on both PS Vita and PSP. Yes you read that correctly, the old trusty PSP. The game will feature cross-platform play between the PSP and PlayStation Vita versions and here’s how it will look on both platforms.

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jonatan2211403d ago

The PS Vita version looks so good! :]

DivineAssault 1403d ago

Vita version of course looks better but i know its capable of so much more than these visuals

sherimae24131402d ago

its said in neogaf that this game is Native res and has 4x AA on the vita... you think its good? ^_^

SandWitch1402d ago

Whoa, Vita version looks really nice. Hopefully this one will be localized

miyamoto1402d ago (Edited 1402d ago )

its confirmed.

switch to intense anticipation mode.

Hatsune_Miku071402d ago

Can't wait for God Eater 2. This how its look like in psp version

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