Metal Gear Solid V's real time system explained

24 hours in Metal Gear Solid: The Phantom Pain translate to six hours in real life. This was announced on the Kojima Productions Alert 4, the official podcast of the studio. It was already announced a while ago that the next installment in the saga would feature real time, but how exactly it would work wasn't clear - until today.

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Belking1974d ago

I was so surprised to see this title at MS conference at E-3. Good move Konami and Kojima.

THamm1974d ago

My jaw hit the floor.. it was an epic E3 moment and totally unexpected.

peowpeow1974d ago

First E3 I've streamed live (4am), don't remember being so hyped for a game before haha. So good!

fsfsxii1973d ago

It was the only good thing at their conference, along with KI

Belking1973d ago (Edited 1973d ago )

You must have seen a difference conference Titan fall, Qantum Break, the wither 3, Forza 5, project spark, Ryse,D4, Dead Rising 3. Plus there is plenty more coming. Sorry but people can't say MS doesn't have any exclusives anymore.They have plenty of games and with a fighting game even more variety than sony right now.

S2Killinit1973d ago

it was at MS conference because its the first time MGS is released on a xbox. But I think everyone knows where is the place to play MGS and probably looks better to boot. I thought MGS was the best game at the MS conference which is actually not a good thing, since its multiplat. (although to be fair it would have been the best game at Sony camp as well) Other good games MS had were Titan fall and Ryse. I didn't think either of them was a must have for me, which is nice because even though I always purchase all systems, I have decided to stay away from microsoft this generation. I just don't trust them anymore.

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boldscot1974d ago

It's multiplat and Gen,probably will end up on PC too. What differnece does it make which conference it's shown at?

Neixus1973d ago

because then microsoft can draw use of ''average joe's'' and say that it's coming to xbox one.
They will then think it's only for xbone, even though they didn't mention exclusively.

Belking1973d ago

"What differnece does it make which conference it's shown at?"

It makes a difference. MGS5 coming to xbox-one is huge. I know xbox360 owners who bought ps4 just for this game and now it's coming to xbox which is great for gamers and the series. No one ever expected MS would start the show with a big title like this. Well played MS.

1974d ago
B_Rian891974d ago (Edited 1974d ago )

Most impressive game at E3 imo

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