Official fix for bricked PS3′s caused by FW 4.45 coming June 27th

According to the Japanese PlayStation site a fix is coming on June 27th for all the bricked PS3′s caused by the 4.45 FW update.

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aquamala1767d ago (Edited 1767d ago )

6 more days for a fix? that's awful Sony

updated on US blog:
We have identified the issue related to the PlayStation 3 software update (version 4.45) that impacted a small number of PS3 systems earlier this week. A new PS3 system software update is planned to be released on June 27 that resolves the issue. Thank you for your patience and understanding and we apologize for the inconvenience.

xHeavYx1767d ago

You must be good with programing, why don't you go give them a hand?

Corpser1767d ago (Edited 1767d ago )

I'm actually a software engineer, but it's not like I can write a program to fix this problem, it's a locked down console, only Sony can fix this

Going into safe mode on ps3 and you can't uninstall an update or go back to an earlier version, The only fix is for Sony to release a new update

Godmars2901767d ago

If Sony were good at programming this issue wouldn't exist in the first place.

aquamala1767d ago


I'm an engineer too, consoles are not like PCs that I can just go in to tinker settings and try to fix it myself, it's a walled garden.

2pacalypsenow1767d ago

@Godmars290 that's right because no Human can make a mistake , I forgot

plaZeHD1766d ago

Really dude? Even Sony screws up, you try to defend them?

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b_one1767d ago

@Godmars so how good Microsoft is at programming...;)

fsfsxii1767d ago

Why the disagrees?? Just look at Windows with all the hacks there

AfterThought1767d ago

@Godmars Yes because nothing else in existence has ever had any problems. Every other system around has never had any either.


dlocsta1767d ago

The difference is you sony fanboys persecute any other company for the smallest hiccup but forgive Sony for the most egregious problems without giving it a second thought.

kenshiro1001767d ago

So throwing a temper tantrum is going to solve the issue? It doesn't depend on the issue itself but how it's handled.

Sony fanboys this, Sony fanboys sound like a highschool kid.

Go get some fresh air man.

SaffronCurse1767d ago

This probably would of been fixed quicker if we had to pay for Online.

Zichu1767d ago

Money can't improve a person's programming skills. The people who are working on updates are obviously still getting paid, so it shouldn't be a matter of paying for online or not.

I know I will probably get a lot of gripe for this, but people say they don't trust MS for the X1 policies and the fact that they could change it a year or two after the console has been released and would rather go with PS4.

If the software engineers can't even get updates running properly or they can't even keep the servers live properly, why would you buy a PS4?

I'm not saying MS's servers are perfect, but I've had no trouble with their servers at all and I don't ever hearing about them releasing patches that screw up the console.

HammadTheBeast1767d ago

4 years to fix RROD? Awful.

GDDR6_20141767d ago

What a fanboy response, what does this have to do with Xbox?

mwjw6961767d ago

7+ year old system and still cant program for it? Awful.

testerg351767d ago

You're probably one of the fans that said this fw problem didn't exist and was started by xbots.

dantesparda1766d ago

Actually Hammad made a very good point, and he was obviously responding to the the guy whining that its gonna take 6 more days to fix/update.

And to mwjw, what system are you talking about? PS3 isnt 7 yrs old yet, but 360 is (7+ years)

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Eidolon1767d ago (Edited 1767d ago )

It has nothing to do with being good at programming, any software engineer would know that even a fix like this would have to go through a long process, mostly not even consisting of programming, the patch may have well be done or at least its conception much before it is released.

Enigma_20991767d ago


Well you seem to know everything about it, why don't YOU f*****' fix it!!!!

Knushwood Butt1766d ago

How many people commenting here were affected by this issue?

GdaTyler1766d ago

Six days is okay. Making a fix isn't an easy thing you know. Glad people will get their fix so soon. Hope it works. :)

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Dan501767d ago

How does one update a bricked system?

SolidStoner1767d ago

you see, this far I understand this brick thing impacts only those consoles with some modifications (changed HDD etc.)...

this still is Sony's fault, because they didnt test the update on all possible ps3's...

So bad bad, sony! :) lol but we all know it will be ok, and my ps3 works fine, so I really dont care.... its summer out there.. go have some fun outside! :))

S-T-F-U1767d ago

Obviously your not British. What is this Summer you speak of?

TechnicianTed1767d ago

It's bloody hot at the moment. Well, it is for us southerners.

Dead_Cell1767d ago

Midlands : Pissing it down with rain. Fantastic.

teedogg801767d ago

That's what I was wondering.

vikingland11767d ago (Edited 1767d ago )

Sony will probably give info on how to do so. I am just guessing though. I think you can still get into the safe mode.

I_am_Batman1767d ago (Edited 1767d ago )

You can do it by turning your ps3 off. Then push and hold the power button down until you hear the double beep. Then press system update.

Here is a video. Hope it helps.

The video shows you how to restore the system. I assume you won't need to do that. Just do the system update and you should be fine.

PsychOff1767d ago

Hmm just like any other system. All systems have some type of boot fail safe. Wild I even have to tell anyone this in this day and age. I figured by now every knew these things.

If you own a PS3 and you don't know how to boot it into safe mode I really don't feel sorry for you. I mean literally almost everything has a fail safe.

Use Google for christ sakes or better yet the playstation support page (face palm). Why do people waste their time asking the simplest questions when they could easily figure them out on their own. You have this amazing tool for learning called the internet, you obviously have it cause you are here.

Maybe you should use it appropriately every now and then.

Here is a link on how to boot into safe mode and I will make another post another comment with the link separate from this before all you nubs start raging..

adorie1767d ago

Cause we know there is nothing like raging nubs.
Shoot first, think later. Just like CoD.

shuuwai1766d ago

Just saying lots people are not PC smart. -_-;;
My Aunt just learn how send email on her phone,
E-MAIL, the main reason was no one showed her. Good news is she bought a S3, LOL. Example two, my Boss want me root her phone, and take out all the ad appz, since she doesn't trust mom's and pop stores. hehe
Shorter ver.
If they know someone can do and have peace of mind they will ask that person. It's not lazy they just don't fk up their system.

cee7731767d ago

By installing via USB flash drive while your ps3 is in safe mode in fact you can't reinstall the the 4.45 firmware that way and your ps3 should work again at least that way you won't have to wait until next week on Sony you can fix it now.

cee7731767d ago (Edited 1767d ago )

I meant you can reinstall. damn iphone make more errors at spelling than I do lol.

Corpser1767d ago

Why would reinstalling 4.45 fix it? The problem is 4.45 no longer work with certain hard drives

cee7731766d ago (Edited 1766d ago )

Many users on this site and various forums have confirmed that simply re-flashing 4.45 firmware to their ps3's then booted fine without having to reformat the hdd or lose any data whatsoever .

rainslacker1766d ago

Different processes are used to read the file off the USB drive, which for some reason allow the flash to the system to work. Not positive, but you could probably install a lower level firmware as well.

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Corpser1767d ago (Edited 1767d ago )

Think of the poor souls that didn't know this was caused by a firmware update and thought their ps3 died and lost all their data, I feel for them

Pixel_Enemy1767d ago

I feel bad for those who have to wait til the 27th when all they want to do is play The Last of Us. I thankfully didn't update because I was too busy playing TLOU and beat it. Now to venture into multiplayer.

MikeyDucati11767d ago

Hey, its Sony. You know it's going to take them some time to fix a mess up. This is nothing new...or at least, shouldn't be. You remember that time...

SolidStoner1767d ago

hopefully ps4 with its all new ps+ will improve this issue for the future!

TechnicianTed1767d ago

How will ps+ stop dodgy firmwares bricking your system?

PsychOff1767d ago

Before you drama queens start flipping tables. All you need to do if you PS3 bricked, is boot it into safe mode in order to download this new update.

You're welcome. Since it seems a huge majority of you don't know how to use the interwebs or read a god damn manual for the devices you purchase..

TechnicianTed1767d ago

This hasn't affected me, because I didn't update the system, but I'm sure it's a pain in the arse for people who have been affected by it.

The people affected by this will still have to wait with their bricked ps3s for another week until it gets sorted out, so your little advice isn't going to solve their problem is it?

I'm sure if the shoe was on the other foot you'd be a bit miffed by it as well.

R_aVe_N1767d ago

Actually yes it does. They can fix it now with a simple google search. I helped a friend do this the other day Brick to firmware updated in very little time at all. All people really have to do is use their brains.

aquamala1767d ago

this "new update" doesn't exist yet, 6 more days

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