GameStop Has Re-Opened Pre-Orders for Xbox One Day One Edition

Xbox One's pre-order SKU has now been re-opened at GameStop, following its temporary removal.

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legendoflex1765d ago

I wonder why it was removed. Common sense suggests it was a reaction to the DRM policies, and that the reduction of GameStop support prompted Microsoft's reversal, but there's nothing that really confirms that suspicion...

darthv721765d ago

it could be they stopped taking preorders at the request of MS because of the impending change in policy.

They would have to notify retailers of a change in the system that would affect its potential sales. GS being one of the largest that pushes preorders on just about everything would be affected.

Its all speculation really. Only GS higher ups and MS know for certain but now its a moot point as preorders are flowing again.


kennyg37391765d ago

or there preorder were sold out, 20 Xbox One per store is really not that many.

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Supermax1765d ago

once gamestop herd of the retracting of the drm they ordered more units to fill demand.the gamestop I go to was filling more preorders as of yesterday morning for day one untis

Transporter471765d ago

They have been open all the time on Amazon... I wonder why Gamestop didn't keep going?

Summons751765d ago

No used games on Xboxone....GameStop thrives on used sales, no used games = no GameStop. Wishful thinking but GameStop probably begged, pleaded and bribe them to withdraw the drm policy. GameStop are selfish greedy conartist.

Transporter471765d ago (Edited 1765d ago )

Even if Gamestop Begged why should M$ care to give them money, Sony and Consumers both of those together MADE M$ retract. I think maybe that's why they decided to not sell their console mmm.

NameRemoved00171765d ago (Edited 1765d ago )

Look I just bought an xbox one on craigslist!


Look at these next gen graphics on Halo 5!

Your better off getting a PS4 by far, for the same price as the xbone you get 1 game and 1 year of PS+.

True_Samurai1765d ago

The hate is strong in this one

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