Microsoft's Capitulation: We're Not Ready For Our Own Digital Future

Dealspwn: "The bad press Microsoft received over its DRM policies was justified, and they brought it upon themselves, making the situation worse by failing to address the issue. But the situation around pre-owned games has, for far too long, been used as a straw man to take the fall for revenue figures that come in below expectations. It's simply the symptom of a much larger issue: the inevitable collision between the needs of creators and the needs of distributors and retailers."

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fOrlOnhOpe571882d ago

The worlds not ready for an all-digital scenario. Particularly one shaped by Microsoft.

Cueil1882d ago

Microsoft is in a key spot to bring us into a digital future

miyamoto1881d ago

m$ spies on gamers like they are criminals with kinect

NihonjinChick1882d ago (Edited 1882d ago )

Digital is the future but 24 hour check ins and everybody being treated like a potential pirate (argggghhh) are not the future.

karl1882d ago

digital is already here..
it will happen alone when we all see the benefit of it...
i already buy alot of digital... and im sure in the future we will even more

we dont need no company pushing this on us.. its already an option.

_LarZen_1882d ago

If Sony had followed we would have been in a digital scenario this holiday.

Now it's just postponed, nothing more. It's coming.

TheGrimReaper00111882d ago

If sony had done the same, people would go to pc or maybe even WiiU. I know I was gonna. (do hav a relatively strong pc :p)

dudeOplenty1882d ago

Cool story, bro. Can you tell me this story when I'm not here? Thx.

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b_one1882d ago

Thier digital future for sure.

Bigpappy1882d ago

I must say this is the best article I have read on the whole M$ trip-up. Digital is the future way we will buy or games. M$'s mistake was not coming out to state that in plain English, and explaining what benefits it will offer gamers. Instead they let the conversation focus on DRM and logging in every 24hrs. There is a lot of up side to their digital plan. They just did not talk about the benefits up front. It is almost like they did not know what the plan was themselves. They get in front of a mic and just keep repeating that you have to log in or you game would not work. How the heck is that going to invite someone to buy your console. You need to focus on the benefits. Then they refused to address the fact that some users are not ready for digital or still are not comfortable with it.

The reversal on Disk and being able to play of line is good, but only if they still have a way to move forward with their digital plan. That is were my interest is. I have no love for disk.

Parapraxis1882d ago

"It is almost like they did not know what the plan was themselves."
Sounds about right.

Kleptic1882d ago (Edited 1882d ago )

to be fair, back in May they very much did 'focus on the benefits'...the problem was by focusing only on that, too many questions rose...and THAT is where they failed miserably...

I feel bad for Phil Harrison especially, because this PR mess is nearly identical to what happened with him at the PS3's launch...He contradicted himself within minutes to various press members...He attempted to address policies that he didn't have all the information on, and it happened to every other executive there...

the worst part was the confusing, ridiculously long, and tedious essay they wrote the week before attempt to answer the questions...which made matters worse, and made it even more confusing... was just a blatant misstep by MS...They had a fundamental idea that was poorly executed...Just the message they tried to portray, and then the price point...clearly show they're not fully aware of how this industry works...Kinect has been a 'casual' move since inception, that was its entire purpose...the Xbox One announcement was centered on American cable subscribers, and how this device will change their living room (by saying stuff at your tv instead of switching an input button..?)...all of which was yet another move to broaden their potential market...on paper, that fits, and makes sense...

but...then they price the damn thing at $499...a very 'uncasual' can;t tap into a simple casual market at a price point that even had fanboy's chins quivering...this is text book stuff for even a high school business 2005 Sony, no question, was the gaming juggernaut in the industry...and a similar business practice cut their market share in half this gen...Why MS thought they could pull off a similar beyond me...

MikeyDucati11882d ago (Edited 1882d ago )

Ah but remember Sony tried the same thing with the hand held?

The PSP GO anyone???

They were pushing the digital front as well. We forgot about that. Then MS tried their hand and caught heavy backlash. It's just the truth of the matter, they will eventually push/demand that all games will be digital. It will happen.

iceman061882d ago

I believe that the PSP Go is the reason WHY Sony probably backed off of the all digital idea. It just didn't work for them. Most people still opted for the previous PSP sku's because of the ability to buy, sell, and trade used games.

KingPin1882d ago

microsoft had some good ideas. too bad technology is not on their side. <before you disagree, let me explain>

the ideas they had about game sharing, always online, no used games would all be well if the system was equivalent to a SNES in todays age.
-where games didn't cost 60bux but rather 2-5 bux. i doubt anyone would really worry about selling their used games then.
-where downloading a full game takes a mere 2 mins coz its only 3MB in size.
-to have it always online so that your games are always available to share with friends.

what i don't agree with is the constant 24 hour checkups. thats BS anyway you look at it.

but they had to do a full u-turn after getting their asses handed to them by sony.

however, there were a few people here that said "the xone is the future" so why doesn't microsoft give its consumers the option of which one they wanna use. give them what they advertised as one option and give them what they ask for as the other. problem solved.

although i must say, im more impressed with the PS4, hardware and games, so no secret where money is going.

fOrlOnhOpe571882d ago

Microsoft and good ideas in the same sentence. A rare bird these days.

buynit1882d ago

They had a good idea, imo anyway.. They just couldnt explain it for the life of them..

They wasnt ready sony cut them short i bet ms thought they had another yr.. I would love to be they fly in ms office to hear wth they think..

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