Square Enix announces Japan Expo 2013 schedule: Lightning Returns, remasters and "other surprises."

Square Enix is coming to Japan Exp in France next month with current-gen Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts, and other surprises. The publisher announced its program today.

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kratos1231979d ago

Wohoo more FF15, i was soo happy with the giant blowout at e3

-Gespenst-1979d ago

XV isn't mentioned on it...

NihonjinChick1979d ago

XV also wasn't on the list of confirmed E3 titles they were showcasing.

SE love surprises.

DOMination-1979d ago

I imagine FFXV wasn't on the list for E3 because it wasn't announced at that point.

Need4Game1979d ago

FF15 is an Action-MMORPG ~ SURPRISE!~

-Gespenst-1979d ago

Yeah it wouldn't be much of a 'surprise' if they just released more info on XV.

A release date however...

3-4-51979d ago

@ need....are you saying that as if it's a bad thing ?

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TheLyonKing1979d ago (Edited 1979d ago )

AGITO localistation please be that surprise and for the vita!

-Gespenst-1979d ago

The "surprise" thing is part of the paragraph describing the KH conference thing on the second day. I don't know if that means it'll be KH related...

If not, here's hoping for an XI Vita port, and an Agito / Type-0 port.

LightofDarkness1979d ago

From what they showed of KH3 it seems like the game is still VERY early in development. I doubt they'll show anything more of it until next year.

NovusTerminus1979d ago

Type-0 localization and a PSN release of Birth by Sleep!

ashade1979d ago

i think birth by sleep will be the part of KH HD 2.5 so don't need to rush hrer

just announce FF12 HD and they will have my money

stragomccloud1979d ago

Hopefully they announce FFXV/Kingdom Hearts for PC/Wii U.
And FFXII/Kingdom Hearts 2.5 HD collections.

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The story is too old to be commented.