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Save You Sum Money: Is The Last of Us Survival Edition Worth It?

"Although your glib nature, lighting up like fireflies at first sight of a game, could easily talk yourself into splurging; plucking out your hair because you broke the bank again will make you bald. And with no hair on your head, nor money in your accounts, you're likely to live beyond your scalp. And spend you will...that bottom penny will go to the Last of Us Survival Edition. But you should first, read this." (PS3, The Last Of Us)

ddurand1  +   885d ago
It is a great game and definitely worth the money.

But I really wish they could sell games minus the multiplayer component to keep costs down or vice versa.

Id be real happy if games like battlefield could be sold MP only, and games like the last of us could be sold with SP only.
monkey602  +   885d ago
Im loving the last of us multiplayer. My friends and i are hooked. Just because you have no interest doesnt mean others dont.
ddurand1  +   885d ago
and just because you have interest, doenst mean that others dont.

see how that works?
monkey602  +   885d ago
Uh no! There is a strong community online at the moment and people seem to be enjoying it. If we had it your way we wouldn't have the option. This way at least you can avoid multiplayer if you wish but the rest of us can enjoy it
ddurand1  +   884d ago
your reading comprehensions skills are subpar.

selling separately wouldnt necessitate a price increase either.

thats great that your enjoying it. The 7-8 people that I play with dont. Its how the world works.
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longcat  +   885d ago
yeah that would be nice if it makes a price difference. I have tons of games where i never touched the multiplayer.

Its interesting now that you bring it up cause i think they divided the digital version of uncharted like that. though you dont buy them separately.
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ddurand1  +   885d ago
they did it with killzone eventually too, both were not like this at launch though.
monkey602  +   885d ago
A lot of time passes before this happened. It was probably just to keep the community alive
BabyTownFrolics  +   885d ago
Great game oddly worded article
Kos-Mos  +   885d ago
ms charges for online and we laugh at them, this Sony exclusive does the same. I laugh at naughty greedy people.
Keregan  +   885d ago
It's a good game and all, but like most of Naughty Dog's games, there just isn't enough content to spend 60$ on it. I personnally rent the game for the week-end (5$)and it was more than enough time to beat the game twice, which left this game without any king of replayability. Better keep your money for a longer game.
Rhomiel  +   885d ago
You played non-stop for the whole week-end?
Tell me of a single-player game that last longer than 15hours, that is not a RPG, and comes with a great multiplayer experience. If we don't spend money on these games all we will end up getting is MMOs and RPGs and online shooters...
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Keregan  +   885d ago
Okay let's begin with the whole AC serie, then you have the whole MGS serie, The last tomb raider, DarkSider 1/2, Batman Arkham 1/2, The whole RE serie, GTA serie, Borderlands 1/2, DeadSpace 1/2/3, Metroid Pime 1/2/3 and it goes on... Now i didn't said that the game was crap or anything, it is a damn good game that offer more than what NaughtyDog has ever made(easly an 8/10), but it's still mostly a one ride time games like Bioshock and all that kind of game. I just don't see the point in wasting 60$ on this game when a simple 5$ rental is enough to beat it.
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Rhomiel  +   885d ago
I understand your point of view and that is why they added multiplayer elements and DLC cause they don't want people to just rent it. Also I'd like to point out that a lot of games you mentionned like AC series you could complete in like 8 hours, sure you could make it last 13 with boring repetitive sidequests like saving villagers but thats not the same.
Master-H  +   885d ago
Quality over quantity , ever heard of it ?
Keregan  +   885d ago
Entertainment over cutscene, ever heard of it ?
Master-H  +   884d ago
The last of us has 1 and a half hour of cut scenes only (which can be skipped if you don't appreciate good stories in games )and like 14 hour of pure gameplay, and it has a decent multiplayer, so i don't see how that makes this game not worth purchasing.. also you probably rented metal gear solid 4 and felt it didn't deserve it's price as well since it has a buncha of cut scenes, you know ..one of the best games of this generation , but hey it's your money after all..
ceballos77mx  +   885d ago
I found the survival edition worth every dollar, the steelbook design is pretty cool not to mention the art book, it comes with a hardbook cover and I love the designs and early concepts of the characters (Joel was having long hair, Tess was originally the main villain), and the description of every image.

The comic is nice, its the start of Ellies adventure, and my car just got a +1 point in coolness with the naughty dog stickers.
Ilovetheps4  +   885d ago
I bought the survival edition. I am a huge fan of steelbook cases. My favorite boxart in my collection is the steelbook Metroid Trilogy. But The Last of Us had a REALLY nice steelbook case. I also like the artbook. It's a full size book with some really cool art. I haven't read the comic yet though, so I have no opinion on that. But, for $20 extra, I'm more than satisfied.
Xer0_SiN  +   885d ago
the game itself is worth the money. i myself, dont find the value in a hard cased strategy guide since i dont really use them. some do though because they are collectors.
plaZeHD  +   885d ago
Great game that has so much issues, but the good things it does overcome the issues.

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