Sony PS3 with GT5:P Bundle for US

Sonystyle is offering a new "Racing Package" for $479.97.
-PS3 40GB
-Sixaxis wireless controller
-Grand Turismo 5: Prologue

Other packages available are:
-Sports Package (MLB: The Show)-----------------$479.97
-Action Package (Call of Duty 4)----------------$499.97
-Fantasy Package (Enchanted on Blu-ray)----------$442.97
-Adventure Package (I Am Legend on Blu-ray)--------$443.97
-Thriller Package (We Own the Night on Blu-ray)---$442.97

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HighDefinition3463d ago

This is exciting. I like the approach their taking with these bundles.

ruibing3463d ago

Yeah they are finally learning to bundle their products well. Who would have thought the 40GB PS3 would be so good at being the core SKU for bundles. But I am really eager to see how well the MGS4 80GB bundle will do.

Syko3463d ago

I gotta disagree here. The fact that you only save $10 makes this so-so. The fact that you get two $hitty Crap-Axis controllers makes this a very bad deal.

Be better off making your own bundle of:
40gig PS3: $399.99
Dualshock 3: $59.99 ($54.99 w/Online Coupon Code at Play-Asia)
Gran Turismo: $39.99
6ft HDMI: $7

Grand Total: $501.97

I would rather have this deal ^^^ Especially since Rumble will be a big positive on GT5. Plus I could play in HD from day one....Just sayin. =)

hfaze3463d ago (Edited 3463d ago )

I hope Sony starts phasing out the SixAxis controller once the DualShock3 releases worldwide. Right now I wouldn't buy a bundle that came with two SixAxis controllers with the DualShock3 right around the corner.

I'm willing to bet that if Sony offered those bundles with two DS3's for the same price, they would sell much better. The only bundle game that doesn't support rumble is CoD4.

I have a pair of Japanese DS3's, and have been loving it since mid November. I don't even use my two SixAxis controllers anymore... :-)

TheHater3463d ago

Why don't the just make this a bundle for all stores such as bestbuy, target, etc... The will sell a lot more that way.

resistance1003463d ago

Its not quite the same as the Euro one, since it comes Free with the console over here.

Still anyone else notice in the papers today that Woolworths and Argos were advertising PS3 price cuts i.e from £299 -> £279

However i suspect these are just prices from the stores not sony in order to remain competitive with each other

TheHater3463d ago (Edited 3463d ago )

is Woolworths and Argos one store or two different stores?
Edit: OK, thanks a lot. I just wanted know.

resistance1003463d ago

They are both seperate companies. GUS Plc own Argos and Woolworths are there own company

PimpHandHappy3463d ago

and when bundles like these cost 350 bucks you will be seeing PS2 numbers in 4 years

thats a nice idea that im sure MS will copy real fast

deeznuts3463d ago

They need to make a GTAIV bundle. That would lessen the sales for the 360 version for sure. Lots of people who don't go on the netz don't even know there is a 360 version is coming.

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The story is too old to be commented.