Monster Hunter Madness - 'Sells Out in Hours'

March 27, 2008 - Joke all you want about poor PSP software sales over in Japan, but you'll have to always add a footnote thanks to Monster Hunter. The first one topped a million, the second one may very well top two million, and the third one, just released today, looks like it's off to a fantastic start.

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Regret3618d ago

And they're moving on Wii... shame.

decapitator3618d ago

Great news. I hope this one comes stateside. I will give it another try.

DragonKnight3618d ago

Now Capcom, you look like idiots. It's CLEAR that fans of Playstation products WANT Monster Hunter. But you only give us the handheld versions because you seem to always be teetering on the brink of bankruptcy. Have you ever considered the possibility that, because Playstation saved your a$$es before, that it could possibly do so again?

Of course you didn't, because you're the Japanese EA.

v1c1ous3617d ago

for generalizing

and that's the problem a lot of sony fans have. you think that just because a series appeared on a sony system, only "SONY" fans will buy the game.

you would think former ps2 owners own, oh i dunno, a wii or a 360 or a dreamcast or something. or they might have more than one console.

Danja3617d ago

Dude more or likely we will see a Monster Hunter on the PS3..i for one believe that the game was never cancelled ...just put aside...due to Capcom wanting to make a quick buck off the Wii...and development cost less...

DragonKnight3617d ago

Where the hell do you get "people ONLY want to play Monster Hunter on a Playstation system" from "it's CLEAR that fans of Playstation products want Monster Hunter"?

Check your eyes dude.

eagle213617d ago

hell, or at least ps2 (which can easily keep up with Wii) The fans are obviously used to the Playstation layout for button commands.

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