Digital Foundry: Hands-on with the Dual Shock 4 and Xbox One pad

A game of two controllers. Digital Foundry goes hands-on with the Dual Shock 4 and Xbox One pad.

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allformats1523d ago

They both are good, but I'm hearing all around the web that DualShock 4 wins. Whatever, as long as they both have their particular and unique advantages that benefit their respective platforms, then I'm good.

Belking1523d ago

There is no winner or loser dude.Xbox controller has more improvements. Sony's analogs are still too close together. MS controller is still preferred for shooters and racing games games because of the trigger feedback.

Valkyre1523d ago

it seems like you already have a PS4 and an xbox1. PLease do tell us more about them...

ddurand11523d ago

you started off ok.

but you finished with an opinion.

each consumers opinion is the only thing that matters.

My opinion is that I do not like the xbox controller, and I have my own personal reasons that differ from everyone elses.

windblowsagain1523d ago

I find that statement funny.

That people think that shooters are better played with the xbox controller.

When was the last time you saw a team of psplayers vs xboxplayers. Maybe in a game of bf3-4. NEVER. Until that happens, nobody knows who's better with what.

I use the ps3 controller for my pc as well.

At the end of the day, you like what feels good for you.

Polysix1523d ago (Edited 1523d ago )

DS3 is far better than XB360 pad (except triggers and 'weight'). I use both (360 on PC) there is nothing wrong with stick placement on DS3 for me but the buttons and triggers (with extenders) are great, d-pad is great and size is fine.

DS4 looks to be 100% better than DS3 (stick grip, handles etc), the shape on XB1 pad looks wrong and the buttons look overly hard/raised AGAIN.

solidjun51523d ago (Edited 1523d ago )

You contradict yourself man. You started off well. I agree with the first sentence. No winners or losers. I'm sure everyone will have an enjoyable experience. Then you go off into a fanboy rant.

HappyWithOneBubble1523d ago

How do the Xbox1 controller have more improvements? It still uses AA batteries lol. DS4 is a lot bigger and the analogs are spread further apart than DS3. Anyway to each their own.

mewhy321523d ago

heres another category where the ps4 wins.

Anon19741523d ago (Edited 1523d ago )

Ah, crap for crap. I can't believe MS is still going with the AA battery setup. No doubt the controller will ship with no damn battery pack and that'll be extra again.

With my 360, I set it aside and hadn't played the system for a few months and when I did finally pick up Alan Wake and start gaming again...not a single one of my 4 controllers would hold a charge anymore. Not one! They all worked perfectly before I shelved them for awhile but afterwards not a single one would hold a charge. Anyone else experience this? All from sitting idle for too long. Ridiculous.

And now it looks like they're at it again. My original, six axis controllers for my PS3 are still charged up even after having not been used in probably a couple of years. I know because my 3 year old keeps grabbing them off the shelf and turning the PS3 on.

SilentNegotiator1523d ago (Edited 1523d ago )

I'll never understand the hate for the symmetrical dualsticks. My hands are symmetrical, my controller is symmetrical.

I don't think Bigfoot would smash his thumbs together if he were smart enough to use the ends of his thumbs.

It must be the Doritos dust. Causes the thumbs to slip off.

There's a lot of overhyping of the minor differences of the xbox controller, though. The more "ergodynamic" design (funny, since my hands rest the exact same way on both controllers), the supposed MASSIVE size differences (funny again, I have the two controllers right here and the only considerable size difference is in the handle lengths, and that doesn't affect comfort). The only major difference is the triggers and the DS4 is correcting that problem. Just one of those things that fanboys have trained themselves to hype in the absence of a lot of exclusives, I guess.

Ultimately, I switch and back and forth between the two controllers (Xbox for xbox and third person PC games, PS for PS) and I've never, ever, ever had issues with it.

reko1523d ago


so wait do you have the ps4 and xbox1? nice. /s

loulou1523d ago (Edited 1523d ago )

horses for courses. dual shock is good for some games and the xbox controller for others.

it is all preference though... and this gen, the xbox controller was my controller of choice.

playing kz2 with an xbox controller really made that game for me

Gardenia1523d ago

"There is no winner or loser dude.Xbox controller has more improvements"

What improvements? The PS controller is the one with the most improvements. The Xbox controller is pretty much the same

DARK WITNESS1523d ago (Edited 1523d ago )

@ SilentNegotiator

you have never understood why people talk about the layout of the 360 thumbsticks compared to the ds3 sticks...

the truth is you will never understand because it's like trying to understand why some people are left handed and some people are not.

I know the ps3 is a better system then the 360 but I always used the 360 as my primary gaming platform because quite simply using that controller just felt natural to me, especially the position of the thumbsticks.

yes I played games on my ps3 as well and if I played long enough I could deal with the ps3 pad but no matter how long I used it (i had my ps3 right from 2006 but sold it last year) the stick layout of the ds3 never felt as good or natural to me as the 360's pad.

I cannot wait for the ps4 and I am not buying the xbone because of the shit MS has tried to pull off, but If I had a choice I would still use the xbox pad.

there is no such thing as this pad is better then that pad. it's like saying right handed is better then left handed. I can't understand how people cannot understand the stick layout of the 360 but some people can't, thats just how it is.

my brother works for one of sony's studios so he has actually used the ps4 controller. I always like the 360 controller more but even he has told the new ps4 pad feels a lot better now then the old one. I am looking forward to trying it out but I do wish sony had an option of another control pad with the left thumbstick int he position the dpad is in currently. thats just me.

mxrider21991523d ago

@ gardenia xbox one controller has improvements their bumpers the dpad the rumble in the triggers and theiranalog sticks fyi i will never get the xbox one but your in denial if you dont think they dont have improvements

KwietStorm1523d ago

So no winner or loser, but Xbox is better? Got it.

kingPoS1523d ago (Edited 1523d ago )

Ask and ye shall receive - more & more shooters for the controller that's made for them.

Well what do you know... people really do enjoy more than just two genre's.

Oh_Yeah1522d ago (Edited 1522d ago )

To my hands the layout of the xbox controller is better for fps, racing games, and sports games while the dualshock layout is better for everything else.

inveni01522d ago

I wish the DS4 had feedback in the triggers. That's the only thing it's missing, imo.

mistertwoturbo1522d ago

Meh, I'm going to stick to my opinion about the controller wars. It's going to be preference. Everyone has different hands and opinions on what fits them better. There shouldn't be any argument to this.

Ser1522d ago (Edited 1522d ago )

Good luck trying to play any fighting game on an Xbox controller. Yikes. I've tried that once...Never again.

Got nothing against it when it comes to shooters, though. Mainly because I've only played one shooter on the 360 one time. Wasn't too bad.

vickers5001522d ago (Edited 1522d ago )

@Dark Witness

I don't understand it either, and I have and use both controllers quite frequently.

I personally love both controllers, and they both feel very natural to me. Lucky me I guess, I seem to be one of the few people that really love both. And I primarily play shooters, which the 360 pad is supposed to be the best at and the dualshock 3 is supposed to be inferior at.

Both symmetrical and asymmetrical sticks feel the same level of comfortable to me (and I'm not just saying that to try and be the guy who tries to make everyone get along and appreciate both systems/controllers). Though I will not defend the god awful triggers on the dualshock 3, those are just f'ng terrible, but L1 and R1 are good enough to make up for that.

But if I had to choose between the two, I'd probably choose dualshock 3, as it's lighter and smaller, therefore easier to hold and doesn't feel like it will break if it falls off my desk or if I throw it at a couch but misses and hits the carpet. The 360 pad makes me feel like I need to take extra care of it. The dualshock 3 doesn't, so I'd choose the dualshock 3, even though FUNCTIONALLY, they are on the same level of comfort to me.

miDnIghtEr20C_SfF1522d ago

Confirmed, SilentNegotiator has small hands. His fingers don't click together when using a DS on his PS3.
My thumbs clank all the time, and who plays using the analog sticks with the tips of their thumbs? Not everyone. Some who have large fingers rest their thumbs on top and have great control.

Small hands. My lady has a theory about men with small hands.

Dee_911522d ago

I think the xbox controller looks better but everything else, functionality, feel etc goes to dualshock 4

ufo8mycat1522d ago

According to a lot of people the XBOX ONE controller overall is a step back from the 360 controller, though they say the triggers have improved, the analog sticks, especially the bumper buttons are worse.

WiiUsauce1522d ago

Xbox One console itself is in many ways inferior to PS4, but Xbone's controller is miles better than Sony's stubborn Dual Shock 4. I hate the stick placement on Sony's controllers. So much so that after Microsoft announced they're retracting their online restrictions, I went and cancelled my PS4 preorder and used the 25 bucks towards an Xbone.

moparful991522d ago

This is funny to me.. I have very large hands and the DS3 is not only comfortable to me but I have never had issues with the stick layout.. In fact the stiffness and the layout of the 360 sticks causes hand cramps for me... My only complaint about the DS3 is the dead zone in the sticks.. But even still it's negligible..

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Blachek1523d ago

I imagine that the claim that the PS4 controller was better was a product of the bandwagon hatred poured over MS. I can't believe that either controller will be bad, people who have gamed on a PS3 for the better part of the decade will prefer the DualShock while 360 users will opt for the XB1's shape, size, and layout. The feedback from this site has been a misleading "justification" by people that picking sony was the better choice.

1523d ago
Blachek1523d ago

A lot more "fans" popped out of the woodwork backing the Sony controller over the XB controller.

How else can you justify saying 1 is better than the other without having the opportunity to use them?

1523d ago
dlocsta1523d ago

Why does not have to "win"? That is the typical Sony fanboy mess that just makes everyone on here sound like a jackass. I have never owned Sony and it has nothing to do with the actual consoles. I think Sony has a great console from 1-4. But since playing on the PS1 my hands cramp playing with the controller. I have large hands and Sony is designed it seems to exclude anyone with large hands. I can't buy it because I can't see spending money on it for something I can't play for more than a hlf hour because it literally hurts. As crazy as it sounds that is the sole reason I have never bought any playstation.

moparful991522d ago

I have very large hands and have never had any issues using the DualShock setup.. In fact I prefer it.. the curvature of the 360 pad conforms to my hands well but because my entire hand makes contact I tend to have sweaty palms after only a few minutes..

imdaboss11522d ago

xboner controllers doesnt look that much different its basically almost the same layout with no changes.same button and everything..PS4 do have changes the led light in the back and a touching pad..when people hold the new dualshock 4 it will be a whole new different controller to far a lot of reviewers love the new dualshock 4 and prefer that controllers..