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The Last Of Us: It’s the Little Things That Count

Sean Halliday of Gamer Euphoria writes:

''The Last Of Us has so far proven to be a fantastic story. I say ‘so far’ because I’ve yet to finish it. It’s not often that I play a modern day game in which I’m almost physically glued to the screen wondering what will happen next. The Last Of Us is a dark, depressing and brutally unforgiving game that holds nothing back, and I can’t recall a game that has ever left me feeling so dirty after performing the act of killing. It’s this brutality, a sense of harsh reality, that results in The Last Of Us being so compelling.'' (PS3, The Last Of Us)

Linko64  +   804d ago
Anything is better than collecting 150 flags
sprinterboy  +   804d ago
Agree with the Author, it was nice how they were short stories too with the notes left, just a quick 30 seconds too read, hate it when there too long cause you end up skipping most of them, think doom 3 had long logs if i remember correctly. truely awesome game and currently playing on Surviver lol, came across 6 pistol bullets in my first 2 hrs lol.
stage88  +   804d ago
Game of the generation.
DoesUs  +   804d ago
Standout game of this generation. 18hrs in on Hard @ 64%. mNot played for a few days as have multiple projects on the go.
ddurand1  +   804d ago
where does it tell you those stats? Im interested to see how much further i have to go
Kiddcarter  +   804d ago
Pause the game then go to Bonuses > Statistics and your time is posted at the very bottom
ddurand1  +   804d ago
sweet deal kiddcarter, thanks for the info.
nick309  +   804d ago
The first game that im on a third playtrough within a week. I never replay games lol, survivor plus here i come!
Ilovetheps4  +   804d ago
I'm about to start Survivor. How much more difficult is Survivor?
nick309  +   804d ago
About as tough as hard but without listen mode, not too hard make sure you use stealth alot.
ginsunuva  +   804d ago
So many little details and additions that i'd probably kill myself if I had to program all those.
r21  +   804d ago
Besides the notes and scribbles, I also loved the smallest attention to character's hairs. They're pretty well done. Ah, maybe Im just too hyped up from playing so much of the game XD
josephayal  +   804d ago
Holy crap The Last of Us is simply the best game I have ever played and def the best graphics of any console
Williamson  +   804d ago
How much does the difficulty rise in hard compared to normal? I feel like starting again this time with hard, since normal is easy at the moment & new game plus is most likely going to be less of a challenge on normal.
Pintheshadows  +   804d ago
Play on Survivor. It is an entirely different game. Every enemy is lethal and ammo is virtually non existent. Add to that no listen mode and you have a really really tense challenge.
r21  +   804d ago
For me, the saddest notes were the ones in the underground parts. The one involving Ish. Damn man, that was sad :C
Inception  +   804d ago
You mean that note in the sewer when Joel trap with Sam? Yeah, that also sad. I also got sad when find a photo of one family and there's 'forgive us' on the back of the photo >.<
r21  +   804d ago
Yup. So very sad. Ish was paranoid and alone then he seeked companionship...then later sadly loses his people :'C
Oldman100  +   803d ago
I want naughty dog to create a dlc that explores Ish's side of the story.
level 360  +   804d ago
Most engrossing game I have ever played.

This game deserves to be nominated at the Oscars.
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RandomDude655  +   804d ago
Did anyone catch ellie saying: "Boosh" after getting a bullseye in one of the houses?

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Oldman100  +   803d ago
I laughed my ass off at Joel's interaction with the dartboard.
d4sholil1  +   804d ago
This is the first game where I have seen developers put into play active clouds. Water is always great, but man, the clouds don't just move across the sky so to speak, they actually form!
aceitman  +   803d ago
The scene that hit me hard was when ellie was about to get raped by that man in the snow chapter then she bashed his face in with a machete..that scene made me cry..there was so many emotions in that scene...and you could see joel treating her like sarah at that part. This game MUST win an Oscar!
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