New PS3 Models Could Surface Soon

In South Korea, Sony just filed for certification for two new PS3 models: CECH-4205B and CECH-4205C. As tipster Sang points out, these could be slightly modified versions of the "Super Slim PS3s" (model number CECH-4000) with smaller nanometer architecture, less power consumption, and better cooling.

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nick3091768d ago

Do sony think 1 person is gonna buy 4 ps3's in 1 gen? I would seriously hate that that as soon as i buy a super slim i have to think i just missed a new version of the console. Same goes to ms about it.

MooseWI1768d ago

I'm assuming most people don't ditch their last one for the new one every time. It's basically the same machine. Same on the inside. If someone replaced their ps3 everytime it would be expensive.

It's more for late adopters to make it look more appealing and current. More modern if you will.

I'm sure it will catch a few people though.

nick3091768d ago (Edited 1768d ago )

Well i had 2 broken ps3's so i bought a few models

phinch1768d ago

No, Sony are doing it to reduce size,weight and reduce production and shipping costs..

GraveLord1768d ago

This is obviously aimed at NEW OWNERS. No one expects people to buy multiple of their consoles. Anyway, if a new PS3 model comes out, its likely to just be changed under the hood. Don't expect any new design. The new PS3 models will likely be designed to bring in more profits for Sony and make room for a price cut this holiday or the next.

MoonConquistador1768d ago

There are still people out there who don't have PS3's you know. The smaller chipsets, reduced cooling etc all have reduced costs associated meaning greater profitability.

Or maybe they've just realised how damn ugly the last versions were.

I'd love to see them introduce the original models again. The card slots and 4 USB's were very handy and it looked the bomb.

DJMarty1768d ago

I've bought two models.

Still got a working FAT & SLIM.

If it's smaller and stylish I may consider buying another PS3.

GameSpawn1768d ago (Edited 1768d ago )

There actually have been more than 3 models already. There have just been 3 specific designs. Sony has changed up the internals with different designs. In fact we have had 5 distinctly different PS3 models if you exclude different hard drive sizes (Launch FAT, Software Based PS2 Emulation FAT, No PS2 FAT, Slim, and Super Slim).

Only the "collectors" will have bought multiple PS3's just because of the design change.

I had a launch 60GB that I played to death, literally it red lighted on me. I replaced it with a 250GB Slim.

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chikane1768d ago

$199 incoming its about damn time .

geekspodcast1768d ago

My (crosses fingers) original, backward-compatible fatboy PS3 is still chugging along just fine but it's cool to see some new models!

jagstatboy1768d ago

man i wish mine was...YLOD on me a couple years ago.

Magnus1768d ago (Edited 1768d ago )

I hope Sony does away with that cheap feeling sliding lid that covers the disc drive on the current model of the PS3. I was going to buy one till I saw the cheap lid and said naw my current slim is good enough.

CrossingEden1768d ago

ok this is bull, microsoft announces a new 360 model and fanboys rage and hiss and say "oh that 's so stupid," sony MIGHT do the same and everyone here is praising them for it -_ -

NivaIis1768d ago

might be because it'll come with a pricedrop rather than 'just' the redesign...

CrossingEden1768d ago

we have enough ps3s and have had plenty of price drops already

kreate1768d ago

Everyone complaining about the current ps3 model for its cheapness.

What u raging about?

kenshiro1001768d ago (Edited 1768d ago )

Meh, meh, teh Sony fanboys!

Calm down...good grief. I don't even see the people who were complaining to begin with.

Hicken1768d ago

Um.. I must have missed that fanboy rage. I seem recall nobody really caring, except that they made it look just like the XBOne.

Of course you'd say "we have enough PS3s," seeing how you seem to hate system and company.

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