PS4 To Outsell Xbox One On Launch - Analyst Report

NowGamer: "We've already claimed that Sony won this year's E3 simply by virtue of spanking Microsoft on the used games policy. So hard was the spanking, in fact, that Microsoft even changed its DRM policies on the Xbox One.

But will that convert to sales dominance by Sony? Has the recent announcement that the Xbox One won't block used games affected gamers interest in the previously despised console?"

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MariaHelFutura2003d ago (Edited 2003d ago )

PS4 To Outsell Xbox One, Period.

The PS2 outsold the Xbox, the PS3 outsold the Xbox 360 and I'm pretty confident the PS4 will outsell the Xbox One. If you want know why some Microsoft fans hate some Sony fans so much, look no further. Same goes for Microsoft hating Sony so much. They try so hard and NEVER succeed.

bicfitness2003d ago

"The increased speed of the GDDR5 RAM and GPU of the PS4 compared to the Xbox One will resonate with the hardcore gamer - those that are likely to buy on launch - instead of the Xbox One, which is - technically speaking - an inferior console and targeted mostly at providing entertainment for the living room rather than, as Seeking Alpha puts it, the "gamer's den".

Wow, the message really is getting out about the power difference. Good. Serves MS right for jacking up the price and undercutting the tech on account of that bloody camera no one really wants.

Mystogan2003d ago

The power difference is MINIMAL your not going to notice any difference graphics-wise dude.

Stop acting like the PS4 is MUCH more powerful then the X1.

MusicComposer2002d ago

@Mystogan The power difference is NOT minimal this generation. The PS4 has 50% more cores on the GPU and that alone is the biggest contributing factor to game performance. In comparison to the 360 and PS3, the 360 had 240 GFLOPS of power on the GPU and the PS3 had 228 GFLOPS. Hence why games looked slightly better on the 360.
Now there's a much larger performance gap this generation... a 610 GFLOPS advantage for the PS4. That's not even calculating in the faster ram or extra 2GB's it has available for games to use. We'll all find out the difference come this fall when people do comparisons. There will definitely be a noticeable difference as other developers have already stated.

Mystogan2003d ago

Actually Sony didn't "succeed".

MICROSOFT made more money from the 360 then Sony did with the PS3.

And no they don't "hate" each other. Sony makes windows devices and Microsoft helps them market them.

The "hating" is just something the fanboys like you made of their rivalry in the game industry.

And the 360 didn't lose this generation. It was the real winner because it was only the second console from Microsoft and it gave the PS3 serious competition. The sales were basically tied. The ps3 sold only about a million more. You say they try so hard. But they've only been here for 2 generations. Their first box failed. Yet their second box made Sony bend over. They freaking spanked Sony.

Microsoft may have had a rough start this year with the X1 but people will forget this ever happened in a few months And the X1 will match or even beat the PS4 sales next year if they market the features and the games right. TV integration,Skype,Exclusives and Kinect will probably be the driving force for sales.

X1 has more features overall.
And more exclusives. Well worth the extra $100.

And remember when the PS3 launched with a $600 price tag? When the 360 was just $400? Thats a $200 difference.

Now the its just a $100 difference and people will gladly hand it over for the things you can't do with a PS4.

MariaHelFutura2002d ago

The only thing the Xbox One does that the PS4 doesn't do is TV. Which it's not like it can't do it, it just doesn't want to cause it's stupid. The PS4 is better in every single way. Hardware, pricing to policies.

CrunchKing2003d ago

This was a shoe-in until the MS policy changes... now it seems much more even

Honest_gamer2003d ago

only us people know, all the people who saw it on e3, all the people who saw it on that jimmy show, all the people who saw it all over the news wont know, as microsoft haven't advertised or put it out there yet.

ThanatosDMC2003d ago

They can easily change it back to full DRM again.

-GametimeUK-2003d ago

I think Japan will be the reason why PS4 will have more sales at launch. Xbox will probably continue to be dominant in the west and probably gain more supporters in the States.

Anon19742003d ago (Edited 2003d ago )

I'm not sure how the Xbox One will fair in the US versus the PS4. I certainly don't think it will be a 360/PS3 type affair in the US. Think about it. In the US the 360 ended up selling roughly a third more than the PS3.

With the Xbox One, due to the internet activation requirement, that's a third of Americans without high speed internet that suddenly are removed from the market. When we looked at XBL stats, was 2/3 of 360's that were online and 1/3 that never went online. Right there Microsoft has limited their market in the US where the PS4 has no such limitations.

Then if you throw in things like the cost difference and the general bad press the XBox One has received into the mix, it certainly looks like a win for the Xbox One in the US is anything but assured.

Even when you look at preorders on sites like Amazon, in the US the XBox One is in the top spot, but spot 2 is the PS4 Standard Edition, spot 3 is the PS4 Launch edition, spot 4 is the PS4 Watch Dogs bundle, Spot 4 is the PS4 Battlefield launch bundle, spot 6 is the PS4 controller, spot 7 is the PS4 Killzone Launch Bundle. The next place an Xbox One shows up is the standard console in 36th place. The entire pre-order page on the US version of Amazon is simply dominated by PS4 bundles.

So what does this tell us about launch day? I guess we'll have to wait and find out for sure, but it certainly looks like the Xbox One is in for a bit of an uphill battle.

DEEBO2003d ago

gametime is right. the U.S will support the x1 but that's not good enough.we are the biggest market with games but sony rules the world.the 360 did well but let's be real.alot of those sales were people replacing RROD 360's and sony still pass that's impressive!i don't know the future but if i was a gambling man,all my bets would be on the ps4.

PrivateRyan2003d ago

It's still a long way to go but that whole circus act about used games and always online will have damaged Xbox One's launch, no doubt

Picnic2003d ago (Edited 2003d ago )

This time I feel it'll be the PS4 that gets the most early adopters and early lead.

In a few years time, the XboxOne may need to drop to a price that is actually lower than that Sony are charging for the PS4 (and given that the XboxOne comes with the Kinect 2.0 that may make the XboxOne very good value at that stage).

Expect a pick up in XboxOne owners then but Microsoft will either need to do something very surprising gameswise or something very corporate - such as making a deal with Sky to make XboxOne's a mandatory choice for major television channels- to start to approach the PS4's sales. But thanks to the WiiU not dominating the casual market, they may find a rich seam of gamers there. The Kinect IS fun and they do have fun studios like Rare.

A-laughing-horse2003d ago

Man i was HOPING for another article like this.

I was nervous.

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