Team Ninja Reacts to Kanagawa Rampage

It wasn't until Team Ninja's Yosuke Hayashi stepped off the plane from Japan earlier this week that he heard about the connection some in the Japanese media were trying to draw between his recently released Ninja Gaiden game and the rampage of a disenfranchised gamer at a shopping center near Tokyo.

"We were just talking about it. We didn't fly in until last night and I didn't know about it until I got off the plane," Hayashi said through a translator Wednesday afternoon. "They told me there is stuff going on in the media in Japan, there is a game that was involved and it just so happens it was Ninja Gaiden DS."

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DragonKnight3766d ago

Proof that a Ninja Gaiden game shouldn't be on the DS. It messes with the minds of the casual gamers who own it.

Richdad3766d ago

Casual gamers cant take the load of Ninja Gaiden and if they get GOw and Gear they would take a chainsaw and run around the city.
Anyways why in the world the 24 years old man (of my age) was wishing to kill??? I mean will to kill he was saying as if its his dietary ingredient. He didn't felt good until he murdered someone well he was definitely a pshyco. But 99.99% of those who play games are not.

DragonKnight3765d ago

And wouldn't you know it, the one time Jack Thompson could be right about something is the time he can't say sh1t. You've gotta love the irony. Plus the fact that it happened in Japan so he likely doesn't know about it.

TurdStationPee3764d ago

Or maybe this has to do with Asians and their over-fascination with swords?

v1c1ous3766d ago

guess i see where the issue got taken out of hand

name3766d ago

N4g is becoming just as sensationalist. How many articles have been posted here saying some guy killed some other guy and some game was the cause?

i rule3766d ago

they let the people decide.

The Wood3766d ago

selected truths and choice cuts like most media

Timesplitter143766d ago

they see terrorists and conspiracies everywhere

Strife Lives3766d ago

Do I hafta wait till Xbox 3/720 for DOA 5 ? ! ? ! Rite nw,ima kicking ass in DMC 4. so I need a beat em up quick

Richdad3766d ago

Team Ninja makes great games and I love DOA5 and its definitely comin next year they didnt had much gap between there games most of the times.
NG2 was perhaps the longest gap between Team Ninja titles after DOA4.

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