Sony 'looking at' releasing multiple PS4 hardware SKUs

Sony is considering releasing multiple PlayStation 4 hardware SKUs when the console goes on sale in Europe later this year, potentially bundling in additional software and accessories.

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allformats1974d ago

To me, it's still PS4 all the way. Xbox One still has a lot of issues like mandatory Kinect, and Microsoft simply cannot be trusted after they universally tried to screw gamers.

I've already preordered my console via Amazon. Killzone/PS Plus Bundle.

blitz06231974d ago (Edited 1974d ago )

$499 - 1TB hard drive + PS eye + A Move controller
$599 - 1TB hard drive + Vita

Polysix1973d ago

I've already got 2 move controllers so bonus time! :)

PS4 has this one in the bag.


KingKevo1973d ago (Edited 1973d ago )

I'm waiting for a Vita bundle. I did already pre-order my PS4, but it would be nice to see a Vita bundle as well and it would totally make sense to have one. And it would definitely interest me and probably some other people a lot.

But I think they'll wait before they announce it. Who knows, we might get to see a slim Vita or it will get a price drop at gamescom or TGS and then they'll announce it. yn


move controller + nav and camera. thatd be what, about $30 dollars in savings? seems like a pretty great deal at 499. maybe the 1TB hardrive is a bit much though.

PurpHerbison1973d ago

1TB hard drive should be standard. I can only imagine "next gen" to push digital gaming even harder. 500GB hard drive will be full within half a year of PS+. Even faster depending how big these next gen games are in size. 500GB was really a hard drive size of 6 years ago.

zeee1973d ago

Ok, I know this is highly unlikely that Sony will do something like this but lets dream for a while shall we?

How cool would be a $499 PS4 + PS VITA bundle?!

Can you IMAGINE how many people will flock to get that deal?

Wenis1973d ago

I'm cheap, so I'll most likely get the cheapest SKU no matter what lol.

MuleKick1973d ago

Definitely hoping for a PSV bundle. Thanks to PS+, I already have about 10 games download on my PS3. Fingers crossed.

Mikeyy1973d ago


Lucky for us Sony allows you to swap HDD's.

Throwing a 1TB in there wont be an issue at all.

Xer0_SiN1973d ago

ps4 PLUS (pun intended ;)) vita bundle? fucking score! that would be a killer setup right out the box.

Godz Kastro1973d ago

Dude I was hard core ms all the way last gen. I had a ps3 but never used it so I sold it. I just reserved my Xbox 1 today and when I looked at the list of launch games I was stunned. Plus all devs know kinect is there so they can add game features with it.

I'll buy a ps4 eventually but they are fragmenting their users if they sale this stuff separately. Just saying...

Machiavellian1973d ago


Personally I would rather add an additional drive then have to swap out a drive. Why lose my 500GB to swap in a 1TB, when it would be better to keep my 500GB and then add another 1TB

tubers1973d ago


Hope you bundle in a 4GB VITA card on the PS4+VITA bundle btw.

R6ex1973d ago

PS4 with 1TB drive, please.
My PC games have far exceeded its 1TB drive. Now I've cloned my games onto another 4TB WD Black drive.

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3-4-51973d ago

PS4 + Vita bundle for $550 would be amazing.

ded10201973d ago

I don't think they'd bundle them for less than $600. But I would be chomping at the bit to get at that bundle with that price!

Livecustoms1973d ago

Mandatory Kinect is going to make Microsoft lose soo many sales however the funny thing is there so stupid they dont realise aha

jts18911973d ago

Not really. Aside from a few paranoid loons roaming the internet who don't have a clue how the Kinect works, no one really cares beyond the price.

Thomper1973d ago Show
dontbhatin1973d ago


A few paranoid loons? LOL dude you have no idea what you are talking about. You are just another blind sheep thinking the US Government isn't watching us. There is so much proof on the internet about it that there are memes about it.

here is a link proving microsoft's along with many others involvement with the government watching us.

GiantEnemyCrab1973d ago

Dontbhatin: If you only have to connect it once when you first buy it how is Kinect going to spy on you? Do you think Kinect sends magical signals through the air to the government? If you are one of those paranoid types then simply don't ever plug it into the internet again.

I would be more worried about a cell phone.

zeee1973d ago

Thomper: There is so much "wrong" in your comment man. Game of Thrones is only a show you know!? Incest is sick as it can get even if you are joking.

1973d ago
dontbhatin1972d ago


"If you are one of those paranoid types then simply don't ever plug it into the internet again."

Seriously? That's your solution to keep it from watching and hearing everything you do by not going on the internet with it? The main thing you need to enjoy the most out of your $500 system? With that logic you might as well not even purchase the damn system....DERP!

I shouldn't have to take that route to keep something from watching me. It shouldn't be mandatory to use if the first place.

Don't comment to somebody trying to make a point if you aren't going to do so in the first place...

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AndrewLB1973d ago

I can pretty much guarantee that Kinect will not be mandatory and will have an 'off' button. People in the United States are finally starting to wake up and realize our Government has been slowly but surely chipping away at the peoples expectation of privacy and making Kinect mandatory in this political climate would be suicide for Microsoft.

darx1973d ago

You say alot but only mention 1.

1973d ago
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MariaHelFutura1974d ago

They should keep it simple. One with no camera, one w/ a camera and some ones w/ games bundled in.

CraigandDayDay1974d ago

One with a camera for like $440 would be cool. Save me $20 on the camera.

jukins1974d ago

Im actually surprised that they didnt shoehorn a camera bundle into the e3 conference after microsoft revealed their price still cheaper than xbox1 even if they dont slash a few dollars off on a bundle.

Blackdeath_6631974d ago

people have this misconception that a company like sony or MS can make random decision on a whim. they would have agreed on the price and package months if not years before the conference there is no way they can make such decision in the few hours between the MS conference and theirs

morganfell1974d ago

I would have jumped on a camera deal. I preordered two with cameras, one from Amazon and one from Best Buy, with both being launch day versions.

Not everyone can afford or wants a camera though so the choice for purchasers is a definite plus.

Polysix1973d ago

I believe they originally intended to bundle the camera in with ps4 but removed it for price advantage (as it's not as integral as kinect) which was possibly a smart move for market share.

However I do use move and have a cam (obv) so I will indeed buy a cam for PS4. One thing, the gamepads with built in lights signals an intent for included camera, but it's not a massive deal but if I'm honest it would have been nice being bundled at a reduced cost (and to ensure everyone had one). At least it's not a spy device. :P

jukins1973d ago

@blackdeath_663 the only misconception here is you thinking that sony never considered a camera bundle. The ONLY reason there was no camera bundle announced at e3 is because they didnt know the price of the xbox 1 and they wanted to come out as low as possible. And when I say conference I mean the entire event they didnt have to do it during the presentation but a little announcment during e3 couldve done wonders.

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Blackdeath_6631974d ago (Edited 1974d ago )

a bundle with a vita that is significantly cheaper than buying the two seperate is what i would definitely go for.

MariaHelFutura1974d ago

Yes. I completely forgot a Vita bundle.

Polysix1973d ago

Yep... I'd be all over that

Agent_00_Revan1973d ago

I've been looking for a reason to buy one. that would do it.

yami9301974d ago

I'd take a bundle with the camera and PS plus for $499 (which will save $10). With all the free-to-play games coming out for PS4 I don't think there is as much of a need to bundle in games as before (but it still is always nice like amazons launch bundles Game + PS Plus) and if your throwing in PS Plus, you get Driveclub PS+ and some indie games. But yeah like you said, its best to keep it simple with the SKU's, the less customer confusion the more satisfied people are knowing what they get.

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lucaskeller11974d ago

Does this mean it could be cheaper than 399???

MooseWI1974d ago

Most likely bundles. They're already lower by $100, I don't see them going any lower especially since they have better hardware in the first place.

DeadlyFire1974d ago

Only if they offer a subscription plan like how Microsoft did the X360.

Otherwise its likely the other SKUs will feature extra stuff so higher price.

1973d ago
Death1974d ago

They are looking to do the same as Amazon. With the overwhelming support of "gamers", they want to recoup on some of the losses associated with hardware sales by including software which generates additional revenue and profit to offset the costs.

KrisButtar1974d ago

I hope one gets bundle with the PS camera and a second controller.

Cam9771974d ago

May somebody please tell me, what is an SKU?

STARS1974d ago

SKU: Stock Keeping Unit. Multiple SKU's only leads to better flexibility for the consumer, so I'm sure Sony will be onboard with this.

iceman061974d ago

Simply, it's another way to buy the main thing that you want with different options. For example, a PS4 that is bundled with the new Playstation Eye. Usually, they make it so that you save money over buying the items separately.