IGN: Game & Wario Review

If you were hoping that Game & Wario would show off imaginative uses for the Wii U gamepad that you could never have dreamed of otherwise, it's going to be a disappointment. Actually it’s a bit of a disappointment regardless. Of the 12 single-player minigames, three are brilliant, three are good, and the other six are forgettable. A few retread ground that Nintendo Land broke last year. Others are just gyroscope games that don't really make much use of the second screen at all. Game & Wario might be simple and surreal, but it's shockingly short-lived too, and unfortunately it doesn't have enough of the inventiveness and experimental feel that was previously the series' hallmark.

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Exodecai1702d ago

Wario needs to go back to making another Wario Land game.... and maybe bring Waluigi along while we're at it. I can see a Wario/Waluigi game being like a fusion of Wario Land & the Mario/Luigi RPG games.

_QQ_1702d ago (Edited 1702d ago )

No surprise this game looks lame, nothing but cheap mini games.

geekspodcast1702d ago

Wow, that's disappointing. I loved the original Micro Games!

MNGamer-N1702d ago

Make this game $19.99, and I'll consider it. $40 is too much for this game.

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