Point out That Headset is Overpriced ? Best Buy Calls Police

Best Buy called the cops on Alex because he told another shopper that the Jawbone headset he was considering was poor quality and marked up $30 from the manufacturer's price. Alex went to Best Buy to purchase a new Bluetooth headset because the Jawbone he recently purchased from Verizon wasn't cutting it.

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Massacre3766d ago

Well now I know what NOT to do when I got to best buy.

sonarus3766d ago

hahaha u crazy. Don't you want a free gift card when the dust settles lol

barom3766d ago

I think there's something more to it. I mean come on, the guy asks for a gift card at the end. It's almost as if he's overjoyed with the fact that he finally has reason to get one for free. If he was truly angry, he would want to avoid BB as much as he can or find a way to get that guy Tom fired.

Daishi3765d ago

Wasn't it a she and not a he?

spec_ops_comm3765d ago (Edited 3765d ago )

No matter how many of you disagree, what I am about to say is complete fact, most of it I have learned from my previous experience as a Best Buy employee for over a year.

Alex is completely in the wrong. What he did is known as 'solicitation'. Normally, one would associate that term with some traveling salesman posting flyers on someone else's property; but not only does it relate to promoting your own business, it also deals with preventing another's business.

While on Best Buy property, Alex has no right to dissuade any customer from purchasing anything. It's none of his business. If he wants to stand outside the store on government property with a huge picket sign saying 'BEST BUY OVERCHARGES FOR CRAPPY JAWBONE HEADSETS', he has every constitutional right to. But, while on Best Buy property, he is not allowed to prevent any sales within the store.

Tom, the manager, did the right thing by asking Alex to leave. Then, pissant Alex starts to mouth back at the manager, telling him that he doesn't have to leave the store because he didn't do anything wrong. INCORRECT! Alex - you solicited on Best Buy's property. Any responsible manager in the world would ask you to leave.

So, now that Alex is refusing to leave, he is now TRESPASSING. And what happens when you trespass? You are committing a crime and thus the police must be called in to handle the situation.

What's most shocking about the story is that Daniel, a Best Buy corporate supervisor, apologized to Alex. What? Why?!? Alex was breaking Best Buy policy and refused to leave store, even after being asked by the manager.

Tom should be praised by Best Buy by recognizing a potential threat to other customers from an angry customer refusing to leave the store. Tom did everything right, and he in no way should be reprimanded.

As for money-hungry Alex's 'massive giftcard'? How about a restraining order preventing him from being within 100 feet of any Best Buy for the rest of his life. That should teach him.

jke823765d ago

just so ya know your an idiot the proper definition of solicitation is

Asking for a specific gift to a program for a specific ammount. Can be either written or verbal.
thats solicitation...
what alex here did is just gave a simple opinion about a headset to another person in a store....definately didnt violate any laws...and he definately didnt seem to be an ass about doing it either i think hes right the manager was just pissed of cause he was loseing a 70$+ sale

spec_ops_comm3764d ago (Edited 3764d ago )

Where'd you get that definition from.. Google? (Probably)

Anyways, you're the idiot here. Solicitation is a criminal term used when describing how someone incites another to commit an offense.

In our case, Alex was soliciting (inciting) the customer to refrain from purchasing the product, something regarded as an OFFENSE by Best Buy while on their PRIVATE property.

He was not breaking any laws there, but once he REFUSED to leave after being asked by the manager, he is therefore TRESPASSING which is against the law.

I don't really understand how I can make my argument any clearer. If you're still stuck on the definition of 'solicitation', then I really can't help you. Words always have more than one definition..
For someone who I assume is 26 years old (judging by your name jke'82'), I'm fairly disappointed with your counter-argument. Unless of course, 82 is your favourite number and not your birth year.. Then I assume you're 12-14 years old, and the level of intelligence used in your counterpoint is acceptable.

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Silellak3766d ago

I wonder if they'll start calling the police when we refuse to get service plans, too.

"You WILL take the service plan, if you love your friends and family. Do you love your friends and family, Mr. Smith? You wouldn't want anything to HAPPEN to them, right? Then you might want to get this service plan."

PeeboDaKilla3766d ago (Edited 3766d ago )

lmao. Man it is a travesty that you lost all those bubbles

kidrobot3765d ago

Yo' U Got Some Bubbles For That Dawg! Made Me Laugh XD

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decapitator3766d ago

Shame best buy, not cool. But then again, why didn't the dude just leave and go to a different store?

Silellak3766d ago

Because he knew it was wrong and wanted to stand up for himself, most likely.

People shouldn't let small people who work at big companies push them around just because they work for big companies.

I'd probably leave, myself, but this guy has my respect for having the balls to realize it was wrong and take a stand.

decapitator3766d ago (Edited 3766d ago )

Yeah but you can't go up agains these companies with just your 'word' You need a some sort of protection of a higher authority figure by your side. All big companies are bullies and BB is no different.

EDIT: And his ballz almost got caught off in the process. If the police had gotten involved, it would have been something else.

BeaArthur3766d ago

decapitator...if I notice people buying something that I have used and know is crappy I'll tell them.

decapitator3766d ago

I agree with you man. I 'might' do the same as well. But I guess it all depends on the place and time though.

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BeaArthur3766d ago

I mean seriously what was this dude thinking they were going to charge him with?

snoop_dizzle3766d ago

geesh.....i must be one of the few lucky ones that has a pretty good best buy in my area.

Thats a little overboard. Calling the police for that?

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