VGS: E3 Coverage: Who won the Console Wars? Sony Outlines their Policy

Reps from Sony Canada talked all about what us Canucks can expect come PS4 release date...We may not get as many consoles as last launch!

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PositiveEmotions1883d ago

Yea i dont think ima listen to a whole hr of than but yea they seemed to like sony

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PureSophistry1882d ago

Sony interview starts at 55 minutes in- talks about why they dominated over Xbox

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PigPen1882d ago

Ha Ha, PS4 a toaster®

Sony waited for E3 to show their console cause they knew that was what everyone was waiting to see. I think Microsoft won with its exclusives. Sony was second with the games they showed. Nintendo didn't have a E3 so ....... They mostly showed a direct then showed games off.

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