Warhawk Operation: Broken Mirror details, trailer

Dylan Jobe, Game Director of Warhawk, writes on the PlayStation.Blog:

"Operation: Broken Mirror has gone 'gold' and will be available in the Playstation Store on April, 17th for $7.99 !!

To celebrate the release of our second Booster-Pack, our fine friends on the Playstation Store team have agreed to run a limited-time sale on Warhawk for just $29.99. This is a crazy-good deal and I can't wait to get an influx of new players - But a warning to all you hardcore Warhawk players…please be gentle!!! :-)

Ok…to kick things off, scope the video below – it's the trailer for our second booster-pack, Operation: Broken Mirror!"

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sonarus3675d ago

i think i'm going to play a bit of warhawk today:).

SIX3674d ago

Haha @ Disagree.

"Oh no you are not gonna play Warhawk today".

Who the heck can disagree with you playing Warhawk?

hazeblaze3674d ago

I started playing again last week and the game is STILL fun as hell. After playing months of COD4, Halo 3, & UT3; Warhawk remains one of the best online console games ever(and my personal favorite of the three actually). Icognito really hit it out of the park with this game & I'm glad to see they are continuing to support it with new content!

Shankle3674d ago

Swooping round the enemy base in a plane full of missiles never gets old, does it? :D

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Mr PS33675d ago (Edited 3675d ago )

Cant' wait
What i'm gonna do is beat a Warhawk to death within an inch of it's life with the spanner , wait till some Sucka come's along and when he fly's off, take one shot with a pistol and blow that SonB!tch outa the sky

Oh and kick all your candy ass's

TheHater3675d ago

I am wait for all the halo 3 fanboys that will say that Warhawk copy halo 3 bubble shield. LOl...if you didn't know, they "bubble" shield was in Resistance Fall of Man, and that came out way before the bubble shield was unveil for HALO 3.

Regret3674d ago

Bubble shield is old as gaming :/

TheHater3674d ago

I know, but I was just refereeing a game that game out before Halo 3 that I know of that have the bubble shield in it.

hazeblaze3674d ago

Not only that, Halo 3 copied the spike grenade from Resistance too!

GnuUzir3674d ago

Oh man, oh man, I want more WH now!!!

PSWe603674d ago (Edited 3674d ago )

this game just keeps getting better and better. Im' going out tonight, but tomorrow afternoon I'll be playing WarHawk all day.

Edit: Who the Hell is disagreeing with me going out tonight or playing tomorrow? I smell a troll

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The story is too old to be commented.