PS3 Infrared-to-Bluetooth converter now on sale

Engadget Writes: "Although the PlayStation 3 is quite the lovely Blu-ray player in most respects, one issue has nagged remote junkies from day one: the absence of IR. Now, however, the highly-anticipated IR2BT Infrared-to-Bluetooth converter is on the market, and sure enough, it promises to transmit "all 51 Sony Blu-ray remote codes including the PS button for Power On / Off." The unit itself measures in at 4.5- x 3- x 1-inches, operates on a pair of AA cells or a mini-USB connector and doesn't even require you to own a soldering iron. Ready to control your PS3 via a universal IR remote without getting a degree in electrical engineering?"

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heyheyhey3739d ago


utterly effing useless

there IS a BD remote you know?

PikkonX3739d ago

Many people prefer to have one IR universal remote to control everything. This device now makes it possible to control the PS3, so it's not exactly useless for some people out there.

crck3739d ago

Cool device but I ain't paying $55 for it. I guess I'll just continue to use my wireless keyboard which works pretty well except no power button.

Torch3739d ago (Edited 3739d ago )

Don't be so quick to knock the idea.

I'm one of those people PikkonX describes. I'm currently using a higher-end 91(something) OneForAll remote to control EVERYTHING...except the PS3, and it really, really pisses me off.

I'm just dying for the release of a BT capable remote which fully supports the PS3...but haven't come across anything yet.

What's more, I've got my house insanely wired and interconnected so that I can pass A/V signals throughout my entire house. This way, I'll only need single primary components (Receiver, PS3, FTA box, etc.), and use the OneForAll remote's UHF receiver to pass all input signals to those components, no matter where I am in the house.

Unfortunately, with the PS3's lack of an IR port, the PS3 completely falls out of the equation (barring the use of PS3/PSP Remote Play, and using the Slim's A/V output...but that's just not ideal for me.)

So yes, I too enjoy and prefer the fact that the PS3 natively supports BT, the lack of that old-fashioned, teensy IR window utterly cripples my ability to fully utilize the PS3 for what I really want it to do.

On the contrary, this tidbit of news is quite a welcomed surprise for me, and may actually consider it...unless a new, fully capable universal remote happens to be available some time soon.

(Logitech, I'm talking to YOU!!!)

Hockey113739d ago

OMG, It would absolutely suck to lose that remote

-EvoAnubis-3739d ago

I'm sure some people will get a lot of use out of this.

As for me, I'm perfectly happy with my bluetooth remote.

Jrome3739d ago

With built in bluetooth. Why would you need CRAPPY infrared to do anything o.O. These people must be confused. I thought converters were supposed to convert things to something useful o.O

themyk3739d ago

i can use my sweet little logitech for my ps3 now. about time. it controls everything else now it can control the most important part of my entertainment system.

long live solid snake.