PushStartPlay: Defending Xbox One: Can It Be Done?

Andrena for PushStartPlay writes: So you’re Don Mattrick, and your hate mail box is full to the brim because of all the back lash over Xbox One’s restrictions, on everything from used games to whether it always has an ethernet cable plugged into it. To turn a bad dream into an utter nightmare, Sony’s PS4 reveal at E3 of this year completely and utterly dominated you and it’s now outpacing Xbox One’s pre-order sales… What are you going to do?

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denawayne1948d ago

I'm so glad I can see through all the BS and actually decide which console I want because of what it has to offer to me and what I like. I would bet anything that a good portion of those PS4 preorders are from idiots who knew nothing about either console and only preodered the PS4 because it was the cool thing to do. I only have one word for those people. Bah

MisfitsInc1948d ago

it's possible, but at the same time it's almost like fighting a losing battle. there are positives and negatives to each console and at this point it really depends on which exclusives you want and will you really be using the Kinect/Eye that much.

th3diseased1948d ago

DUDE you really think people out there are that damn stupid?? Like millions of people are that retarded. I tell ya what people may not be smart but I can tell ya one thing most people out there aren't gonna drop 400-500 dollars on something they have not looked into at least a bit. I really don't know anyone that buys much of any electronic without looking into it, gaming or otherwise. So I have one word for you denawayne. Bah,

denawayne1948d ago

Why are you so offended by what I said? Unless you're one of those sheep I referenced, you should feel confident with your decision and not get so angry. It's ok, I forgive you. Enjoy your Xbox One.

Why o why1948d ago (Edited 1948d ago )

Its a troll like comment based on conjecture. I'm not angry with it....its funny to read. People had a choice and the made it. Perception can be the reality. Ms weren't winning that battle before their drm u turn... People can now reevaluate their choices.

Ms were very worried about those you call sheep. Weaker, more expensive console going head to head this time means ms could ill afford a slow start

denawayne1948d ago

Great response. The sheep I was talking about definitely were not the people on this site. There are sheep on this site but the ones I was talking about are the ones that follow the hype. The ones that can't think for themselves.

AngelicIceDiamond1948d ago

Can it be done?

Sure, just make it clear what they wanna do with the console. They listen to the fans with no DRM. Now if they really cared about the people they would put game sharing back in. Along with other features that were behind DRM.

MS's gotta justify that price tag now. Kinect won't be enough imo.

1948d ago
slampunk1948d ago (Edited 1948d ago )

Yeah it can be done. MS have a good vision for the future but should've allowed more flexibility like an opt in style always online where you then get access to family sharing, cloud access from any XB1 and other benefits....The other option would be as it is currently where the trade off is the above mentioned features....Biggest mistake was 24hr checkin.....

If consumers were given the choice, this would've encouraged more people to try it first which is far different than forcing consumers......

I applaud Sony for getting their messaging right so far in the lead up to the next gen but MS will have far better online infrastructure than PSN at the beginning of next gen which is one of my concerns surrounding Sony?! Gaikai not ready for launch and only rolling out in the US in 2014 doesn't fill me with confidence that Australia will see it any time soon?

Next gen for me is like this:

Online gaming - Xbox live hands down....dedicated servers on a lot more games, timed exclusive content for COD and first BF4 map packs, titan fall and halo in the first year along with Forza, Killer instinct etc.....

Single Player - Sony has this covered and this will be where their strengths are.....last of us 2, uncharted 4, god of war along with KSSF and infamous SS....Sony's first party games are always very strong.....

Cant wait to see what else happens at Gamescom.....bring on Next gen already....

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