PALGN: Bully: Scholarship Edition Wii Review

PALGN writes: "As the release of Rockstar's Canis Canem Edit approached way back in November 2006, it was followed by an angry chorus of protest, led by misinformed bureaucrats, politicians and parent groups. The preemptive dropping of the original name, Bully wasn't enough to divert attention but once the game was released, it became entirely apparent that the worries of a 'bully-simulator' were completely unfounded. And apart from relationship possibilities and some crude moments, the content was incredibly tame by Rockstar standards.

Sometimes it can be seen that when controversy follows a video game, it may give an artificial boost to the games sales. Unfortunately, despite the controversy and quite a good critical reception, Canis Canem Edit on the PS2 was something of an under performer at the checkout. Almost a year and a half after the original release, the original name has been reinstated for PAL territories as Bully makes a return on the Nintendo Wii and Xbox 360, in the form of Bully: Scholarship Edition.

As you did on the PS2, you take up the role of Jimmy Hopkins. He's a fifteen-year-old boy who has been "dumped" at Bullworth Academy, one of the roughest schools in the country, by a mother who is off on her fifth honeymoon. After seven previous expulsions, to say that young Jimmy's upbringing has been dysfunctional would be putting it lightly.

Misunderstood and maligned, Jimmy is immediately siphoned into being an outcast. Your task from here on in is to guide Jimmy through his adventure, as he sticks it everyone that's trying to put him down. As far as references within the game go, Bully touches on almost every stereotype of school life (as seen on TV and cinemas) and it makes for a unique, interesting and entertaining story."

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