Warframe: A Space-Ninja Project of Passion | 2P Review

2P writes: Everything from the game itself to the passion of the developers-Warframe is just perfect. The first time I heard of the game was during Closed Beta Testing. It looked so amazing, I just knew I had to get in, but it so happened that I couldn't find the cash at the time.

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Heavenly King1883d ago

I will be playing this on my PS4 at launch wohoo! :D

GiggMan1883d ago

I think I'm going to try it on PC first myself. I've been holding out waiting for reviews to see if it's one of those pay to win type games.

ssj271883d ago (Edited 1883d ago )

this game is far from pay to win.. if you saw the interviews in E3 you will know this.. this game will be one of the best and most funs this years and is 100% free to play..
PC and PS4.

you sounded like a total troll @giggman
get a life.

GiggMan1883d ago

@ssj27 Damn man chill out. I was just about to say that you "sold" me on the game by your description and I'm going to check it out. Then you label me as a troll for stating a concern. That's cuckoo man.

Anyway I think I will give this a try, hell it's free. Just hope I don't run into ssj27... Dude is serious about his Warframe. lol

febreeze11883d ago

It's coop lol. How would pay to win vs ai work?

Mainsqueeze1882d ago

Play it on pc first. I tried it and thought it was pretty bad but if you like it then good for you.

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dedicatedtogamers1883d ago

Yeah it's a really good game. I think Sony should get the word out that you're actually getting three fairly good f2p games right at launch: DC Universe, Planetside 2, and Warframe. I know f2p isn't everyone's cup of tea but I've played all three of these on PC and all three of these are worthy time-sinks. I think a lot of people are going to like Sony's support of MMOs and f2p on the PS4.

Doctor_Freeman1883d ago

I've been playing this for awhile and it is pretty fun, definitely worth a try.

thezeldadoth1883d ago

i've played it a good bit, its fun. the combat feels really nice, and its refreshing that its co-op as opposed to another sub par deathmatch game.