Could Wii U be Saved?

We've been hearing these complaints for a while now: where is all the software for Wii U? After they spoke up and showed off some new games in their E3 Nintendo Direct conference, do you think Nintendo will be able to save their console?

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BananaEatingSquid1824d ago

My Wii U is unfortunately collecting dust at the moment, but I think some people won't be able to resist buying those beloved first-party titles.

unworthy151824d ago

I want Mario Kart and Donkey Korn

BananaEatingSquid1824d ago

Donkey Korn is especially delicious with a little butter.

.... You alright? ;)

live2play1824d ago

I prefer my donkey korn in a cup

Animavicion1824d ago (Edited 1824d ago )

over time, "nintendo" get more public thanks to their first-party titles.

Triforce0791824d ago

Every console ive ever owned collects dust not 1 console in its early life has say 4 or 5 games that you play all the time normally its 1 or 2,even if you do buy 5 u only play the hell out of 2 then after about 3 months you need more content ???? its not a wii thing it happened to 360,ps3,wii,3ds,vita,and now wiiu big deal its exclusives that sell hardware in the end.

Plus the internet needs to stop trying to make wiiu fail it wont happen so just wait for the holiday season and see what happens because we don't know how well ps4 and xbox one will do yet ??? plus i'm intrigued to see what these unannounced 3rd party games are that Iwata said are in development,and some 3rd party games that have already been announced are also in development maybe a TGS reveal for Ghosts ect as wiiu is selling in japan ?

slpknt6sic61824d ago (Edited 1824d ago )

Lmao when I saw the title I immediately thought of this.

Im gonna save you man, let me save u haha

1824d ago
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unworthy151824d ago

I love nintendo, it doesn't need to be shaved

BananaEatingSquid1824d ago

Its beard has gotten pretty epic.

InMyOpinion1824d ago (Edited 1824d ago )

Nintendo are serving up a delicious plate of shaved korn for us gamers.

Chard1824d ago (Edited 1824d ago )

Sony and Microsoft have disappointed me with their shaved korn policies, or lack thereof.

NoonEEE1824d ago

I agree, Nintendo doesn't need to be shaved. As a matter of fact, they need to put a little more effort into growing their beard.

MegaLagann1824d ago

I mean every now and then you need to trim, can't let it go all wild. I did that once and it looked like a mess. Always remember it looks better well kept.

QSPR1824d ago (Edited 1824d ago )

you guys made my day!! tears in my eyes :')
bubble up to all.

live2play1824d ago (Edited 1824d ago )

Well I personally like when korn gets stuck in the beard. Because later on when you notice it, you can eat it and its like second lunch

LOL_WUT1824d ago

Just, stop please.

Nintendo needs a price cut the games are coming next year. ;)

PopRocks3591823d ago

Actually you're wrong, six of them are coming out this year.

greenlantern28141824d ago

well they are losing money.
they have not done anything to market the wiiu i still know people that are like when is the wiiu coming out. or why would i buy a 350$ accessory to the wii i paid 150$ for. the fact is beside a few die hard nintendo fans the wii sold largely to casual gamers and that market has gone to tablets and smart phones. and if they dont do something like drop the price and increase the hd size and i dont know advertise the wiiu than its problems will just get worse when xb1 and ps4 come out

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unworthy151824d ago

Wii U may be doomed but I love minecraft and Mario 3D World

Kevlar0091824d ago

Minecraft on WiiU would feel so perfect, it's all there on the gamepad.

Too bad the politics behind it are too complicated atm (what with MS exclusive deal on consoles and everything)

Animavicion1824d ago (Edited 1824d ago )

Save??, Not like that was having sales of "OnLive" or "ouya" ...

Vinc3601824d ago

You've gotta admit that while it's nowhere near these levels, it still looks pretty grim right now for the Wii U. Nintendo will somewhat save it from irrelevance with first party games, but I doubt third parties are coming back. That's very bad news for Nintendo.

Vinc3601824d ago

At least the Wii U is not always online.

BananaEatingSquid1824d ago

Thankfully neither is PS4 or, because Microsoft recently backtracked, Xbox One! Anyone think we'll be seeing always online consoles in the gen AFTER next-gen? Ha

jcnba281824d ago

Yeah but you still have to pay for online so...

greenlantern28141824d ago

and neither is any other console xb1 changed that policy.

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