PS4 Bundles Overshadowing The Xbox One Rally

TQ author writes: Despite a rough E3 for Microsoft, the gaming giant has “redeemed” (or did what it was supposed to do) themselves by dropping all the DMR and always-on crap. Since their announcement to drop the unneeded features, The Xbox One “Day One” console has reached the number one spot on Amazon. However, Sony only needed one announcement to tell its story – its story explaining why the PS4 is the system to buy this holiday season. In addition, Sony has cleverly brought out the guns early with a variety of options for their gamers, not just One.

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KingKelloggTheWH1881d ago

I wish we could get solid numbers for all the pre-orders.

Relientk771881d ago

Yeah definitely wanna know the number of preorders for both consoles, I'm sure well get some info on that later

Relientk771881d ago

I love the PS4 bundles, its great that they gave us all these options

I myself preordered the Killzone bundle already

TheLyonKing1881d ago

Theres no bundles in the U.K apart from game but I don't like the idea of having plus and drive club since you get that with plus anyway and I know people say all the features wont be there but you basically get the game. I am waiting for an amazon bundle but no word :(

cee7731881d ago (Edited 1881d ago )

The plus version wont have all the bells and whistles as the retail version of drive club

ltachiUchiha1881d ago

The way i look at it, microsoft would of had a tough time vs sony even if they didnt have all this negative press towards them, just look at the ps3 vs 360 & despite all the advantages microsoft had against sony. It did not stop the ps3 from overtaking the 360 sales wise. That just shows u how strong the playstation brand name is & sony was in a whole that was worse then what microsoft went through with the original xbox. Also add that microsoft really hurt their reputation with alot of their fans & only will benefit in sony's favor. Microsoft is going to have to step their game up & try an win their consumers back.

ltachiUchiha1881d ago

Sorry i meant "hole" instead of whole.

Bonerboy1881d ago

It appears MS forgot who they were dealing with here... The most fickle consumers ever to grace this earth....GAMERS!
Who the hell does their market research? Man, retards over at MS camp I swear. They had tons of time to get their mountain of shit sorted, now with the scrambling and backpedaling etc Good christ guys! WTF? Any schmuck off the street could have handled this one in a much smarter way.
Now perhaps it is too little too late. 'Feh' to you MS.
Unbelievable really.

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