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Having played six-to-seven hours of the game, The Laymen's Gamer writes: "They took everything they did right about every game they made before and propped them into this game. They have learned from other developers, for sure, as well. I see flavors of many games and experiences past. I was still shocked by some of the story's twists that I've discovered so far - which doesn't happen very often - but those twists are definitely not new for the whole "zombie, not zombie" style of story: this is something that I'd like to point out. This game is nothing new. This game doesn't do anything that games past haven't done. Why this game is a shining example of how games should be made is not in the new ground it paves or risks it takes but rather in the attention to detail, the writing, and refinement this game shows. There is definitely a sense of what people really want from a game in this and there is an extreme sense of care and detail that went into this. I am reminded of how Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty felt when I first played it: I went in with great expectations and anticipation going into the game and I was taken for a ride - not a path I haven't been down before but rather given a ride that made the journey from point A to point B extremely worth it.

Given, there's a lot of the game left open to me so it's possible that my opinions will change but as it stands, right now, I am so impressed that I'll be hard-pressed to find a better title this year for the PlayStation 3. I think it's sold out around the world for a reason - hype alone can't always do that."

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TheDivine1729d ago

Great game, horrible product. Buggy, borderline unplayable mess. I can't finish the hotel level because the game won't load the other half of the level. I also have restart it due to freezes, crashes, exc. Game saves won't load, when I end game it freezes, its one of the worst games I've ever played technically. I'd love it if it was ran as is its a 7.5 from me. It's a rushed game period. This is in addition to the save bug that made everyone lose their progress. Def not up to Naughty Dog standards.

GuyThatPlaysGames1729d ago

Are we talking about the same game? I just finished it with no flaws whatsoever. Sounds like someone is trolling to me... ^^^^^

Kiddcarter1729d ago

He's just trolling, let him be and just move on

jaseo1729d ago

did you find the key card in the hotel so that you can open the access door when the generator is turned on?

i had a bug where the walk animation froze ie. could still crawl, but if walking, i would be in the jesus pose floating along the ground. Restarting encounter fixed that.

laymensgamer1729d ago

Finding some things are a little more abstract than should be but it is entirely realistic in that in real life you don't have your hand held in order to find the things you need. I'm surprised you didn't find it on the body of a clicker or a runner, though.

laymensgamer1729d ago

I'm pretty sure you had a one-off problem. I've not had a single glitch crop up short of the autosave problem that Naughty Dog quickly patched.
I think that your quick judgment of the game as a piece of code and quality product is too quick and a bit too shallow. You had what sounds like a rather rare experience. As for the autosave bug, they had that patched on day one, done before I took the game home from work.
Someone's either trolling or a little butthurt over the autosave problem... or just wants to start up another wahmbulance over a AAA title.

GamersHeaven1729d ago (Edited 1729d ago )

I had this problem twice both with the patches download auto save glitch has not been fixed.First day I got the game encountered it two hours in had to erase my save start a new game re-download patch had no problems until I got to the hotel part.The same exact thing he said happened to me.I ended up doing research online found out only way to play the game with out glitch happening at all was offline.Started third new game offline with no problems what so ever.

GamersHeaven1729d ago

I had the same same exact thing happen to me it's the auto save glitch textures wont load parts of level are not there disc drive makes a loud noise.Erase your save start new game offline shut off auto save to be on the safe side it worked for me had no problems.

laymensgamer1729d ago

There's a patch for it, the patch dropped on day one. Where have you been?

GamersHeaven1729d ago

@laymen-Like I said "I had this problem twice both with the patches" I got this game day one download the patch happened to me two hours in.I erased my save and patch re-downloaded the patch started a new game again the glitch happened again in the hotel level same as TheDivine.Patch has not fixed this glitch or maybe it has something to with our HDD or PS3 models who knows.I started 3rd new game offline with autosave disabled have had no problems.

laymensgamer1729d ago

Going to have to suggest deleting the Game Data install and then reinstalling it.
Not sure why being online would affect single player gameplay so strongly, to the point where it's glitching and freezing/crashing. Being online shouldn't change the code or resources. I don't understand it.
Oh well. I haven't seen much about it but I don't search out what's wrong with a game while I'm trying to enjoy it, to be honest.

Valkyre1729d ago

you must be joking labeling a game horrible mess and product, when the only damn human who has thatnproblem. get your facts straight, the game aint horrible, your luck is.

Tdmd1729d ago (Edited 1729d ago )

I think I'm near the end and the game didn't froze on me once. Not even slowed down (the frame rate is as consistent as in uncharted games). There was one single bug in my entire playtrough (an door where enemies come from was supposed to stay open but it closed instead after the last of them were dead) but all that it took me to get past it was to restart the encounter. That's it. Problem solved.
The Last of Us is as polished as it is beautiful and intense! You're eaither trolling or you have a problem with your hardware.

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iliimaster1729d ago

i just picked up the game today and WOW i traded in my blops 2 and got 26 bucks back i guess gamestop gives u extra money because of the game i traded it in for which was cool.... but this game is freaking awesome i love it and it feels so real

Pintheshadows1729d ago

Does anyone else here think that the Clickers enjoy the music of Mushroomhead?

Tdmd1729d ago

Lol and why would is that?

Pintheshadows1729d ago

Because they are technically mushroomheads.

laymensgamer1729d ago (Edited 1729d ago )

That pun was terrible and you should feel bad.
That being said I could see nu metal being appropriate in some spots.