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Tyler from All Age Gaming writes "Zombie apocalypse settings are everywhere in games. One can’t throw a brick without hitting at least one videogame that has either zombies or a bleak near-future plagued by zombies. We’ve had mature zombie games like The Walking Dead, bloody and visceral zombie games like Resident Evil and Dead Space, even silly zombie games like Plants vs. Zombies and Dead Rising. In this sense, Naughty Dog’s The Last of Us doesn’t re-invent the wheel or change up the formula of a zombie outbreak story. What it does is remember what made such stories so compelling and seeks out to recapture that essence. The result is something not exactly innovative or groundbreaking, but something very special."

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Tiqila2007d ago

to all those reviews with perfect scores:

Have you played a different version of TLoU? Because mine has glitches and gameplay flaws, like pink blood (when looking from a distance) and Ellie and other npcs continually blocking my way.

In those stealthier sections I keep beeing silent, while my npc allies make noise running, but somehow that does not attract the infected (clickers).

Dont get me wrong, I love this game. Its awesome and I have not had such fun with a game in a long time. But those bugs/glitches are noteworthy and for a perfect score its just not polished enough. 9.5/10 I agree with though.

xPhearR3dx2007d ago

The only real major issue I had was at the start of the game. The prologue to be exact. It was freezing, skipping cut scenes, and not loading at all at one point. Once I got past that, the only bug I've really encountered was my bar disappearing. A simple restart fixed that.

I do understand what you mean by the AI. I'm pretty sure it was a design choice. Although, it can be very immersive breaking, it's for the better. Friendly AI based movement is from your actions. So if they were seen by clickers and ruined your cover, the game wouldn't be as enjoyable due to constant death. Seeing how your hardly ever alone, this design choice makes sense.

One time it was real bad though. I won't spoil anything, but I was with a few people who happen to run in the open and ended up standing straight up next to an enemy and nothing happened. There was literally 3 friendly AI bumping into an enemy with no reaction.

However, from my experience, this is one of the best games I've played in a VERY long time. So the story and gameplay outweigh those negativity's on such a high level, thus giving it a perfect score by many. 10/10 doesn't mean a game is 100% glitch free, it means it's the highest of it's caliber. Which in that case, is very true.

Dunpeal2007d ago (Edited 2007d ago )

@ Phear

agree with all you said 100%

in the end the score is relative. obviously we're never gonna see an objectively "perfect" game, because the creators themselves are not "perfect"

ufo8mycat2007d ago

This game is the closest to a perfect game you can get.

THe whole Ellie AI where she bumps into enemies and they dont notice is a good design choice.

Would you prefer them to notice her when she recklessly makes nosie and such, ruining your stealth? That would be even worse. MUCH worse. Much better this way and not a huge flaw at all. In fact it didn't bother me at all.

The gameplay, the story and character driven plot is some of the best I've seen in any video game to date.

The story and voice acting/directing is probably the best in video game history. There hasen't even been a movie for a very long time that matches the story and voice acting etc of The Last Of Us.

If it was a movie - it would win the Oscar.

And the gameplay, action, stealth hits that same extreme high level.

Easily EASILY 10/10

GOTY and one of the best games ever made.

Naughty Dog you guys are geniuses.

The only problem now is, I very much doubt we will witness or experience a game this great for a very long time.

Inception2007d ago (Edited 2007d ago )

Well, you can't satisfied everyone. If the gameplay to easy some people will bitch about it. And if it's to hard (like Demon / Dark Souls) some people will bitch about it too.

Personally, i prefer The Last of Us A.I compare to Ashley A.I from RE 4. I mean, the only thing Ashley can do are screaming 'Leonnnn!!!' and got killed / kidnapped by the enemy. Hell, even she can't hide in the trunk by herself if we not give the command to her -_-

Now compare it to Ellie-Tess-Bill-Henry A.I, when we in trouble they will come and help us. And yes, we must help them too if they got trouble. So it's really great when ND purposely designed the A.I undetected by the enemies.

Just imagine if you playing The Last of Us with stupid A.I from RE 4 or maybe RE 5 when you must command them and the enemies can detected them, i'm fuckin sure moreeee people will bitch day & night about that and saying TloU are a broken game.

Sizzon2007d ago (Edited 2007d ago )

Yup, Ellie's AI could get pretty ridiculous sometimes, like just walking into enemies or breaking my cover table etc. Still a masterpiece of a game.

Dunpeal2007d ago

one thing I do think is ridiculous is that you can knock over objects close to enemies and they don't notice. To me that is a design flaw, especially for clickers who are supposed to be adept at hearing.

so far played on hard, so if this is something that is acknowledged in survivor mode then nevermind

TechnicianTed2007d ago

A friend wants to borrow this, I was supposed to lend him it once I'd completed it, but I don't want to let it go lol. I'm playing through it again on Survivor mode, it's even better than playing on normal or hard, much more tense.

My mate's just gonna have to wait. Or buy his own copy.