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'GRID 2 was long-rumored, but fans of the original felt like the series would never get a chance to continue due to DiRT getting Codemasters’ focus for racing action in the succeeding five years. Thankfully, nearly a year ago, a follow-up was announced and the fanbase rejoiced. GRID was an incredible game then and in replaying it now before this game, has held up alarmingly well compared to most games in other genres released at that time. The graphics, sound design, and career mode structure remain impressive which means that GRID 2 has a lot to live up to. It doesn’t have to just manage to be better than a sub-par game, but hold its own against something that remains one of the best games in its genre years after release. Fortunately, GRID 2 largely lives up to such a lofty goal.'

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Cernunnos2006d ago

GRID 2 is a fun game, but not an 88/100 imo. I'd give it a 7.5 - 7.8. Good game, good fun, but not much more.

sGIBMBR2006d ago

The Original was much better for the time when it came out. I was so addicted to it!

I stopped playing GRID2 when The Last of Us came out, now I've finished TLoU I'm struggling to go back to GRID, even though I enjoy it. It just lacks the ability to make me feel like I MUST play it.