11 shots from Altus' latest 360 title: Spectral Force 3

CVG writes: Altus USA has released eleven new screenshots from Xbox 360 version of Spectral Force 3, a Japanese RPG destined to hit the States later this year.

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socomnick3678d ago

Daam lots of Jrpgs on the Xbox 360.

green3678d ago

how on earth is Microsoft securing all these JRGP's?Well what ever it is they are doing it sure as hell is working.

pwnmaster30003678d ago

is this a 360 exclusive because it says "from the 360 version" so is it. maybe not because it wont just say 360 version wth

wulan3678d ago

This will be megaflop in Japan and europe --regions where x360 is dead

even with a price cut PS3 still outsold x360 in UK (the only region where x360 was barely alive)

heyheyhey3678d ago

no it's not

it's multi-platform

gambare3678d ago

I saw this one as a 360 exclusive, yet.

InYourMom3678d ago

No, this is a 360 exclusive.

"As for the fantasy-themed Spectral Force 3, it places you in control .... entire CHRONO TRIGGER franchise exclusive to the XBOX 360 console"

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power of Green 3678d ago

The 360 is showing its not just a FPS console, to even mention that old stereotype as non-fiction is ludicrous.

fenderputty3678d ago

It doesn't happen much but, you're are correct. MS has done a much better job this gen as far as game variety is concerned. One of the reasons I love the PS brand was because of the RPG's. I'm still waiting on White Knight Chronicles and FFXIII.

hazeblaze3678d ago

Agreed, they're doing much better. However, with the exception of ME, all of their quality titles are still fps. Even the xbox had some variety too, it was just that most of the games other than fps were mediocre (although my 4 fav games on the system were either action or rpg personally).

And even this gen their variety fails to stack up against the PS3. Atlas put out some great games on the PS2 though so this one could be a gem. If I had to put money on it though, I'd say that Infinite Undiscovery is going to be the "classic" game that lends the 360 some strength though... Tri-Ace is an excellent studio.

power of Green 3678d ago (Edited 3678d ago )

Not really talking about what you think is good I was pointing out FPS's are not the most numerous genre on the platform.

"And even this gen their variety fails to stack up against the PS3"

^^If you check both current and future lineups for 360 and PS3 folks will know that what you typed is a epic myth, do a genre comparison from last year and this year.

MrWonderful3678d ago

it will come to ps3 as well. but damn im glad i own both systems cuz with 360 getting good jrpgs sony needs to step up the game, cuz i hate the 360 controller for rpgs

Darkiewonder3678d ago

as it's an Idea Factory Game though :x

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