PS Vita/3DS Kissy JRPG Exstetra Gets Its First Lovely Teaser Trailer

FuRyu’s Exstetra has piqued the interest of many, not only for its lovely anime-style graphics, but also for the peculiar theme based on kisses to unleash the powers of the main character’s companions and save the world.

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Arai1916d ago

I wonder why they don't slap a subtitle on these games, release them as DD and call it a day.

Instead of not releasing them at all in the west...such a waste because I like these types of games more than FPS/western stuff.

TongkatAli1916d ago

I bought Guilty Gear on the Vita and its just like you said. I don't need American voices just subtitles and i'm good.

TheGrimReaper00111915d ago

Does the vita have region locking?

Odoylerules0001915d ago


No, I don't believe it does. I have friends with American bought vitas that have Japanese PSN accounts so they can play Phantasy Star Online 2.

Abriael1916d ago

I agree, that would make so many people happy and woyld be almost 100% net gain for the developer.

3-4-51916d ago

a PART of the reason Vita doesn't have games is that games like these stay in Japan.

This or any other could be the game that hooks people on Vita.

RPG's sell consoles/handhelds.....always been that way.

Arai1916d ago

Looks like there might be a way after all, I just saw this:

Let your voices be heard JRPG fans...!

tarbis1916d ago

Japanese subs yes. English subs, rarely. Most small Japanese publishers and game developers are only looking at the their local market. Many Japanese also believe that only a few from the west care or don't care about Japanese games like thos.
And the Japanese are not really that good with the English language to translate the whole game. It's up to companies like Xseed, NIS and many others to bring this to us.

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Red_Devilz1916d ago

Can someone please make a Non-Japanese game for vita. Really tired of "J"RPGs (or for that matter ANY Japanese title for vita)

TongkatAli1916d ago

Hotline Miami is coming next week.

Abriael1916d ago

There are plenty western games for the vita.

We should be thankful that for once there's a platform showing some cultural diversity, as opposed to the westfests we see on most platforms nowadays.

NihonjinChick1916d ago

I don't know why you're complaining. You won't even see the majority of these JRPGs.

NihonjinChick1916d ago

I'll probably get this imported. The whole kissing thing reminds me of sekirei.

ONESHOTV21916d ago

i see its Red_Devilz that disliking people comments about just wanting English subs lol.......... any way im agreeing with the top comments i don't need English voice over in a Japanese game i just need it to come to the west with subs that all... like the YAKUZA series

Abriael1916d ago

Too bad Sega is too cheap to do even just subtitles for Yakuza 5 and Valkyria Chronicles 3... *sighs*

NihonjinChick1916d ago (Edited 1916d ago )

Yakuza 5 is an awesome game. It was the first one I played. I hope SEGA does release it in the west with subtitles for those who can't speak Japanese. Everybody should get a chance to play it.

ONESHOTV21916d ago

yeah man i don't know why they are taking so long to bring the game to north america or even Europe
i have play most of the yakuza games from 1 to 4 never got to play yakuza 2 though but i will one day and dead souls had a few jokes in the Goro Majima part of the story

Inception1916d ago

I already discussed this case with some N4G members and it's not as simple as "Sega too cheap / lazy to put jpn language and english subs on Y5 / VC3 and call it a day". There's too many factor that sega stop localizing Yakuza or VC:

1) Yakuza 4 & Dead Souls with Valkyria Chronicles 2 sold like crap.

2) Japanese dubs are expensive, especially with very popular seiyuu. So it's like buying a license if some company want to use this seiyuu voices outside of japan. You can read Xseed detailed explanation about japanese dubs on their games:

KittyEmperor1916d ago

Will be importing this. I hate translating stuff though.

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