If You Haven't Pre-Ordered An Extra Dual Shock 4, Do It Now

According to what GameStop is telling customers, the PlayStation 4 controller may be in very short supply for the new console's launch. Pre-order ASAP!

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Ghost_of_Tsushima1675d ago (Edited 1675d ago )

They told me the same thing so I got an extra when I pre ordered my PS4.

jimbobwahey1674d ago

Are there even any splitscreen games announced? I'm honestly struggling to think of any launch titles that offer that functionality, so it seems a bit silly to try and scare people into buying extra peripherals when DualShock 4 controllers probably won't be supply constrained by the time some decent splitscreen games actually get released.

BluEx6101674d ago

"Personally, I definitely need an extra so that I can always be charging one while playing with the other." Author's reason haha.

Man we don't play split screen anymore!!! /s lol

The fact that Japan's launch window is not set, tells me that they're launching as much as possible to NA and EU. PS4's might be scarce, but I'm not sure about the DS4.

bobtheimpaler1674d ago

That's the way I see it too.

I won't need it in a hurry. If I need to play splitscreen, I'll use my brother's controller.

NaughtyDream1674d ago

Killzone shadow fall will have co-op split screen confirmed by gamestop. They also have a Killzone SF bundle which come with an extra controller. Just google it.


Does the stand alone Dualshock 4 come up with the official earbud (which also have a mircophone as seen in the PS4 UI video) that comes packed with the console or do you have to buy it separately for the extra controller?

Master-H1674d ago

I can think of Killzone, Madden , Fifa , call of doody off the top of my head

RankFTW1674d ago

I would order an extra controller if I had any real life friends, which I don't :(.

Drekken1674d ago

How about you are in the zone playing a game and your controller starts to die. Instead of having to wait 30minutes to charge, you can plug it in and start playing with your spare. There are more reasons besides splitscreen to get an extra controller.

Abdou231674d ago

Fifa and any other American sports games.

GraveLord1674d ago

Call of Duty Ghosts has local multiplayer.(up to 4)

Killzone Shadow Fall has a co-op mode.

Diablo 3 will also have local multi.

FIFA, Madden..etc..etc

I'm sure there's a couple more.

Gamer19821674d ago

You need at least 4 controllers for Just dance 4 player action WOAH!!!!! HAHA joking aside (and the ability to use existing PS MOVE controllers) I got an extra one anyway so my kids can play with me day 1.

nosferatuzodd1674d ago

dude its good to have 2 when I'm playing and you see on screen controller dying i just switch and let that one charge

NumOnePS3FanBoy1673d ago

@NaughtyDream Is this Killzone SF bundle with extra controller exclusive to Gamestop only? I know Amazon has one too but I believe they include a PS+ 1 year subscription. I CAN'T DECIDE!!!!!!

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Jaqen_Hghar1674d ago

A man did as well on Amazon

PurpHerbison1674d ago

Really don't see a second controller being an urgent thing right now.

greenlantern28141674d ago

me to and kill zone shadow fall and watchdogs all bought and paid for so i am counting the days. which is hard since idk when it is coming out for sure

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Relientk771675d ago (Edited 1675d ago )

Yeah I saw something on here previously that said the Dual Shock 4 might be in shorter supply than the console. So I have Dual Shock 4 preordered from Amazon already, along with the Killzone Bundle

MultiConsoleGamer1675d ago

Good advice. Already taken care of my pre-order.

o-Sunny-o1674d ago

I got an extra one pre ordered too just for the heck of it. ^~^

Soldierone1674d ago

Being GameStop said it, does it have anything to do with their bundles including the controller instead of PS Plus like Amazon?

I will be fine with one controller for the time being. I don't think there are any offline two player games coming at launch anyways? Maybe Killzone, but thats about it?

rainslacker1674d ago

Probably just there to pad the preorder numbers for their associates. Has a console ever released with too few controllers? Associates get hours based on the number of preorders they take. I got one just because I knew I would want one, and they're pretty cool at my GameStop.

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