GameSpot reviews Dynasty Warriors 6

Dynasty Warriors 6 is the first game in Koei's long-running hack-and-slash series to be built specifically for current-generation consoles, and as such it benefits in one major area: It looks pretty. Other than that, this is Dynasty Warriors as it has been since its inception: a huge, sprawling, button-mashing affair set in ancient China, complete with the series' requisite cheesy cutscenes, dozens of playable characters, bad dialogue, and mostly incomprehensible storyline. Of course, there are new gameplay additions in Dynasty Warriors 6, but they're tweaks rather than overhauls and will be more exciting to long-term fans than casual players of the series.

The Good
* It's the same old Dynasty Warriors formula
* Plenty of playable characters
* Fog of war now gone.

The Bad
* It's the same old Dynasty Warriors formula
* Renbu system makes combat even simpler
* Enemies still pop up out of nowhere.

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Rikitatsu3646d ago

"* Plenty of playable characters "

WHAT ? this game had the least Playable characters since DW2

seriously did they even play the game ?