PS4 vs XBOX One - Microsoft Drops DRM

After all of the noise we gamers made over the past week, Microsoft decided to finally change its DRM policy regarding the Always Online nature of the Xbox One. But will it be enough to sway a hardcore PC gamer back to Xbox?

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mp12891733d ago

Great kinect can be disabled, but wait, what was the point of buying it again?

Transporter471732d ago

Because its MANDATORY still.

darthv721732d ago

like its a bad thing. I prefer something to be a standard pack-in than an after thought.

it gets more support knowing that everyone has one. Like sony making a hdd mandatory in the ps3 was a benefit that MS treated as an after thought.

granted we are talking about a camera but the idea is still the same. when devs know that everyone who buys the system has one, they can implement support for it in one way or another.

If they dont know if everyone has one, then they have to gear their project for the least common denominator with tacked on support for those who may have one.

I really want sony to change their mind and include the new pseye as part of the ps4. they could do it and keep the price the same seeing as they are also the company producing them and know what everything costs.

HammadTheBeast1732d ago

Article is wrong, MS didn't give a **** about the "noise" a bunch of people made on forums, they changed this cause of the bad pre-orders, media going nuts, and getting completely humiliated by Sony at both E3 and the Jimmy Fallon show.

imdaboss11732d ago

they didnt drop it yet still need the they can always bring back drm anytime they want with a simple update

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Magnus1733d ago (Edited 1733d ago )

Microsoft may have dropped the DRM but they have burnt a bridge with fans and left a sour taste with them as well. Unless Microsoft drops Kinnect im still not swayed into buying an XboxOne. I honestly don't like my console watching me its creepy like a perv sitting in a tree with binoculars wearing an owl costume staring at people. They haven't won me over with any decent titles and the tv portion of XboxOne is useless to me. The Canadian goverment is anal when it comes to the channels and licenses so I won't get half that stuff up here. Only game I want as of right now is Killer Instinct and I am not going to buy a console for one game. If Microsoft were smart they would make a 360 version of the game and I would play that.

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o-Sunny-o1733d ago

I bet with the camera on PS4 you can wave at your tv and tell it what to do also. So i dont see a point in Kinect...It copied Eye Toy. I dont ever want it. I'll wait to see what the XBone can offer me later in its life.

Software_Lover1732d ago

Kinect copied eyetoy? Now if you said vision camera copied eyetoy I could possibly roll with you. But Kinect copied eyetoy?

Transporter471732d ago

You do realize taht the Eyetoy has been in development before Xbox 360 was. I also believe there is a PS2 Version...

Haules1732d ago (Edited 1732d ago )

hmmm lets seeeee:

@Software_Lover, Again Kinect copied eyetoy = simple fact...

Software_Lover1732d ago (Edited 1732d ago ) some of you are dense.

I will say it slower this time.

If you said the Xbox 360 vision camera copied eyetoy I could roll with you. Kinect is different. eyetoy/vision camera only used motion. That speech segment in the ^^^ video used a microphone plugged into the ps3. Nothing to do with the camera. Kinect uses voice and motion.

Kinect tech, if you can call it that, was not even built by Microsoft. Not bashing Microsoft or Sony but some of you are so quick to defend something that doesn't need defending. What kinect does, with coding and everything, eyetoy/vision camera cant do.

You have to write your own code for eyetoy/vision camera to work. You need a separate microphone for speech to work, and it still doesn't function with the system. Kinect functions with the entire Xbox 360 system. If a dev wants to use Kinect voice, Its simple API. They dont have to worry about starting code from scratch, unlike the eyetoy/vision cam.

Do you guys get it now.

PositiveEmotions1732d ago

Lol oh man the last part of the video was funny lol

KingPin1732d ago

i lol @ microsoft.

their entire E3 was a failure. they got stick from fans and journalists.

the Xone comes with a blu-ray player.....i thought blu-ray wasnt needed? i thought it was going to die? i thought the next console was going to be all digital? anyone remember that MS said all this BS when the PS3 launched....

dropping DRM means nothing. people will have to pay $100 more for a console missing half the advertised features. why would anyone in their right minds buy a xone? basically reversing DRM policy just made watching the E3 conference a waste of time coz everything advertised will now be missing.

Funky Town_TX1732d ago

i thought blu-ray wasnt needed?

That was this gen. I played thousands of games that were not on Blu-ray. Something being needed and making things better are different.

Software_Lover1732d ago (Edited 1732d ago )

The console is digital, with the retail option. Every game released for the console will have a DD release, same day.

I do understand where you are coming from though.

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