The Future of Gaming Looks Like the History of Gaming

Motley Fool: In the future, we won't buy games on discs and used games will become a thing of the past and you'll have to pay for games again if you get someone else's copy. As a result, GameStop (NYSE: GME ) will be ruined, and the idea of used games won't even exist this time next year.

As it turns out, we're not big fans of change.

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Panthers1916d ago

Consumers have to be eased into change like this. It cannot be forced. iTunes and MP3s are the only way I do music now, but I still have the option of CDs that I can trade/borrow. Gaming is a lot harder to do on the go and it is not as much of a hassle to have physical media. For gaming to become digital only will take a long time.

Dee_911916d ago

But the thing is we are already use to digital gaming, however forcing us to use digital is stupid, just like we still have the option of cds

on topic, whats the point of changing something that doesnt need to be changed?

GotEnder1916d ago

i agree with your comment panthers. i only want to add that xbox has games on demand and ps3 has been pushing day 1 digital for awhile now. i just think if u want to go all digital they should find a way to make it appealing to gamers like cheaper prices. if you dont have to pay for discs or cases or instruction books or distribution or middle men then y shouldnt those savings be passed on to the customer.

vitullo311916d ago

I dont mind digital content for movies and music but i like psyical for games i like having a collection!

kingPoS1916d ago

Same here. I too enjoy watching my psychical collection grow. It's something that I can hold onto.

Pillsbury11916d ago

That's the beauty of having physical ownership, we don't lose them when servers get shut down.

pixelsword1916d ago

That's the whole thing: savings happened the day consoles stopped using cartridges, but games never saw any savings; they just pocketed it, now gaming is trying to pull a fast one by not only reducing the price on games, but forcing people to play online when a lot of games are P2P in the first place.

RedHawkX1916d ago

forget the future give me the history of gaming krypton had its chance. i mean microsoft and they blew it!

blanket141916d ago

music and movies arent that big of a deal, .99 cents compared to 60 dollar video game its a huge difference and msft had to of been very cocky to tell people what they were going to spend money on, it was great that consumers told msft im not buying your systen ill go to sony and that saved console gaming this new gen. im still worriee that msft later down the road will pull an update out of no where and everyone will be restricted just how they wanted it. but over all good week for gamers no matter what side your on!

Pillsbury11916d ago

When we buy digital we are accepting that we don't own a physical copy. When I buy a movie, cd or video game I OWN IT and I can do what I want with it.

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