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Not Your Typical Run & Gun Multiplayer - The Last of Us (Gamersbliss)

The Last of Us multiplayer is a lot different from Uncharted but that doesn;t mean it's a bad thing at all (Gamersbliss.com) (PS3, The Last Of Us) 8.7/10

Raccoon  +   554d ago
I love it! Im rank 22**\\ < only lost 3 matches on release day but ever since my crew got it we sweep every team that gets put against us.... This multiplayer is all about team work and cooperation which feels fresh.
xPhearR3dx  +   554d ago
I absolutely love the MP. My only complaint is shotguns at point blank range should really be a one shot kill, mostly due to the fire rate which is very slow. I can't count how many times I've blasted someone in the face with a shotgun from 2 feet away, only to be killed by a melee weapons. Other than that, the MP is amazing. Maps are great, real-time crafting is simply awesome, and you really do need to work as a team to win.

It's actually one of the few MP games I've been hooked on. Most of them I get bored pretty quickly.
Raccoon  +   554d ago
I rarely encounter shotguns but we usually mark every enemy so we know what weapon they are holding.... We kill people from far away and let them crawl a little so he can guide us to the direction of his team. To be honest we easily annihilate any team that seperate and the only challlenge comes from teams that work together and even then we destroy them because we never run and all of us have silenced weapons..

The best feeling is when we distract the enemy team with slight sprints and shots while one team member flanks them with a crossbow and litterally downs all 4 one by one, then we all share the special executions :0)
xPhearR3dx  +   554d ago
No I don't mean people with shotguns, I'm saying if someone happens to sneak up on me and I blast them with a shotgun, instead of them dying in one shot from point blank range, they take two shots, and with the fire speed being so slow, an enemy is able to kill you with no problem if equipped with a melee weapon. Thankfully, it doesn't happen all the time so it has become an annoyance, but when it does, I want to pull my hair out lol
Veneno  +   554d ago

I know what you mean. And from what I've gathered playing tlou multiplayer is that the best thing to do is use both a crafted item and then follow up with a firearm or melee. The guns are all actually too weak to use on their own, which is probably the point. Of course team work wins every time, but you can still get far by being clever and combining items with guns in a planned attack.
Raccoon  +   554d ago
Damn i guess i deleted part of my sentence which explains thats why i barely see shotguns in the game... I tell you what though if you aim for the head within a 10 foot radius its a one hit kill.

I cant stress enough how the smartest team work always wins because i sometimes see noobs that rush every supply box together and look like a football huddle gathering the supplies which in return get killed with a molotov or a trip bomb.... And the weapons are very well balanced in my opinion! The crossbow is the most powerfull yet hardest to master with a 1 shot to the head to kill and 2 shots to the body to kill, then the molotov is the most powerful crafted weapon with instant death if thrown on body....

I have 13 loadout points and i run silenced semi auto rifle with max reviver and max first aid training because keeping my team alive is as important as killing the oposing team...
Sam Fisher  +   554d ago
Well through my countless hour of splinter cell, im pretty good at shiving people like..... Seriously i shiv alot of people...... I love shiving :) makes me complete
Raccoon  +   553d ago
Shiving is fun as hell but i dont risk it and kill from a distance...
DEEBO  +   554d ago
teamwork,teamwork,teamwork! this game comes alive if you play with a good team.i love it! my team ambush the other team when they come looking for us. it's a thing of beauty.
cyclindk  +   554d ago
Seeing/hearing through walls makes it broken for me as well as no infected mode at all, they could have at least implemented a hardcore no seeing/hearing aid mode.
xPhearR3dx  +   554d ago
I'm 90% sure there's a perk you can equip that doesn't allow you to be seen by that. In all honesty, the drain is so quick and the recharge is so long, I haven't found it to be a problem.
Hicken  +   554d ago
At least complain about something that's ACTUALLY an issue.
Grimhammer00  +   554d ago
Seeing through walls lasts 4secs. And then recharges. It's tactical...not broken.
Sketchy_Galore  +   554d ago
I almost never play multiplayer but I'm playing a lot of this. I love the fact that its not simply twitch shooting crap and actually demands some strategy. Having said that I would give it about the same score as this simply because it needs far more modes. The two kinds of deathmatch are amazing but some kind of mode involving infected or at the very least some variant on capture the flag is needed to make it a perfect score, however perfect the mode we get is.
Fil101  +   554d ago
I'm loving the hell out of it, I told my buddy to get it and if i'm honest I wasn't sure he would like it but turns out he loves it so now we gonna game share season pass.

As for problems with online there is only a couple that bother me first I think the bow is over powered and this one really pisses me off. I take a challenge and i'll get kicked out of the game and lose a day plus i'll end up with loads of hungry or sick people sometimes even dead.
Raccoon  +   554d ago
I agree about the crossbow but its not as accurate at long range as the other weapons ironically in real life the crossbow is the weakest weapon out of the bunch but in the game its the strongest.....

Once you unlock all customization items the clan survival will become obsolete the only incentive is that you get ranked for every week survived.
Once your team plays without collecting rations and without the need to complete attack missions. The team will play up 25% better as the only objective is to kill and win....
GameReviewGuy  +   554d ago
Im glad too see a lot of support for this game's multiplayer, I was expecting Call of Duty players to come in and rip it to shreds. Great comments guys!
leogets  +   554d ago
loving this crap online. definitely one of the best mp games out there. so fresh and ya get such tension when ya know ya the last guy standing against the other team. also loving the brutal kills actually feels awesome to bash someone's skull in flat as a cigerette paper.. my best move is smoke bomb some fool and run up to em and stab em the **** up.. so satisfying..
Sam Fisher  +   554d ago
Thats all i ever do, shiv :). Btw if you are really good at shiving you should call out one member of the team and say "im going to shiv you" at first they wont believe you, you shiv them, next round watch how paranoid they get lol
ginsunuva  +   554d ago
I bow&arrow everyone and they're all like "how'd you land an arrow on me from across the map while I was running sideways?"

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