Release date set for Doodle Jump for Kinect

Fans of Lima Sky's iOS game Doodle Jump won't have to wait much longer for the game to leap onto home console.

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TheSoundDefense1709d ago

I'm not sure how well this would work. I've played Doodle Jump and it strikes me as a game that moves a bit too fast for motion control.

NameRemoved00171709d ago

From the video it just looks like you stand in place and move side to side.

1709d ago
HammadTheBeast1709d ago

Wow. Just when I thought it couldn't get any lower.

Typical-Guy1709d ago

WTF! Doodle jump! Dil.... f%ck this.

grimmweisse1709d ago

Kinect playing cheap shovelware games, seems about right!


Doodle jump is such a classic among mobile games. not exactly sure how it would work with kinect though.