OXCGN’s E3 2013 Awards- Our best of the show


"The biggest, most controversial, and possibly most shocking E3 in more than 5 years has come and gone, but besides the loads of tired out, hung over, and jet lagged journalists, developers and PR staff, it has left gamers with huge choices:

Which next-gen console to choose, which games excite, and most important…how much money to spend this coming year.

Our biggest ever E3 team to go to the show have tallied their winners and losers, and here is OXCGN’s take on the world’s biggest gaming show.

Runners up are in order of votes."

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BadCircuit2005d ago

Interesting selections...I'm surprised to see Quantum Break do so well. It seemed interesting but not much shown?

I guess they got to see more than us on our streams.

medman2005d ago (Edited 2005d ago )

How does Infamous Second Son not make the list and possibly win the Sony exclusives category over Killzone? It's as if they forgot about that game altogether as it's not even nominated, which is very strange.

gaminoz2005d ago

No Call of Duty mo cap dogs?

Battlefield 4? Where are the quality 'new' shooters this year?

BadCircuit2005d ago

They all look pretty spectacular but also very very derivative...

Proeliator2005d ago

quantum break, that is all.

gaminoz2005d ago

But why? It looked like a tv show with some bits of footage to we non E3 attendees

creatchee2005d ago

The press might have gotten some looks that we didn't. Either way, Remedy is pretty reliable.

BadCircuit2005d ago

Looking forward to the return of true stealth in Thief, Splinter cell, and eventually MGS V.

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