ASUS launches X48 motherboards, EPU concept

"ASUS has not only launched motherboards based on the new X48 and P45 chipsets. but also the world's first and only "EPU". This IC controller is dedicated to reducing power consumption on the hardware level, and according to ASUS' own measurements, it's capable of 80.23% CPU power savings and 96% better power efficiency, with more to come. The EPU features auto phase switching providing users with real-time detection and improved VRM efficiency, which basically means that it will lower the voltage during idle situations.

Those who liked the Express Gate feature of the ASUS P5E3 Deluxe, will be pleased to know that the feature is available with both the upcoming P45 series, P5Q, and the new boards of the P5E3 series; Internet access, Skype, IM, YouTube, webmail, music, and view pictures in a mere 5 seconds without accessing the harddrive.

ASUS has announced three boards based on the Intel X48; ASUS P5E3 Premium/WiFi-AP @n, P5E64 WS Evolution and Rampage Formula, while the P5Q is yet to be announced. The last of the bunch, Rampage Formula is of the Republic of Gamers series and like all other boards of the series, the focus is on gaming and the enthusiasts. "

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