IGN Plays New Super Luigi U: Best DLC Ever?

IGN:We play a few of the short, difficult, kind-of-insane levels of New Super Luigi U, a DLC add-on for New Super Mario Bros. U for Wii U.

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guitarded771916d ago

I think Oblivion and Red Dead Redemption have something to say about that. But it is probably very good.

colonel1791916d ago

This DLC and the ones you mention are the perfect example of a DLC WELL DONE! There is no excuse! In this case, with Luigi U is completely adding to the experience with new and fresh content, even if playing on the same world. It's always supposed to be like that, not cutting content to then sell it for an expensive price.

andrewer1916d ago

Say that to my armored horse lol

deep_fried_bum_cake1916d ago

It's ridiculous to even suggest that the horse armour DLC can be beaten to No.1.

badz1491916d ago

is candidate for best DLC ever now? pfftt...seriously, people need to take off those Ninty goggles!

deafdani1916d ago

Yeah, you forgot to mention the little "whole complete game" aspect. I guess the fact that it's a pretty meaty and long DLC doesn't count much.


Theyellowflash301916d ago

The Levels are completely redesigned and they added a new character. Not to mention, it's a platformer, changing the way a character moves or jumps essentially changes the whole game.


Just downloaded it, lets see

TotalSynthesisX1916d ago

I'm enjoying it so far. It's almost like an entirely new game, really. All of the original 80+ levels have been completely redesigned having Luigi's abilities in mind (higher jumps, more momentum, the flutter kick, etc). The levels are also shorter but a lot more difficult, so it really does feel like a new experience.

All in all, I think Nintendo did an excellent job with their first big DLC add-on.

MisfitsInc1916d ago

inFamous 2: Festival of Blood might be the best DLC i've ever played

WeAreLegion1916d ago

Why would anyone disagree with this?!?

MNGamer-N1916d ago

Still goona wait for the physical copy. Cool green box, and fresh, new Luigi smell!

yugovega1916d ago

same here. it's gonna be well worth the extra $10 for the green case.

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